Thursday, July 15, 2010

Couples trip 2009, Lolo Pass

There are three couples that Beverly and I have known for about 20 years now. And since we all have bikes we thought it would be fun to go on a "couples trip". So this is the report of the first annual (of what I hope will be many) couples trip.

This trip will take us to Challis Idaho over Lolo Pass Montana and back home. Our first day is a long one, 300 plus miles. The ladies take the car, the guys follow on the bikes, and we meet in Challis. There we will leave the car at the hotel and come back in four days and they will drive it back home.

Once in Challis, we decided to soak in the local hot springs. On the way there we see this nest.

Also on the way there we see Kenny and Brent's favorite road!
(Click on the pic to read the road sign)

A good looking bike, and three homely guys....or is it the other way around?! Challis Idaho.

Challis main street

The next morning we ride about 50 miles then have breakfast in Stanley. Beverly had to go in here to make a "business call"....uh huh.... Kenny snapping pics of the action.



On our way to McCall

Kenny and Jan

Rooster and Wendy
Kenny's bike, I'm pretty sure there is a speck of dust on it somewhere...

Brent and Julie

We stop at Kirkham springs
Hijinks on the bridge

"Who wants to get in the springs?" "Not me" everyone says.......
"Wow..that looks nice, who wants to get in?" "Not me" everyone says......
"Are you guys getting in?" "Nope"
"Are you getting in?" "Nope"

"Hey everyone, it's really nice down here!" "Yea....lets all go soak!"

Trees, sunglasses, tiny motorcycle, and deep dark tan.
Rooster taking a plunge
Water, tiny motorcycle, and beard
There is nothing like a nice soak in a hot spring, sure glad we talked Ken into getting in!
Getting dressed and ready to hit the road again.

McCall Idaho, Payette lake
Ya get a couple of rootbeers in Kenny and he starts looking for a fight!
Crossing the Salmon River at Riggins Idaho

Just after Kooskia Idaho is this sign, starting Lolo Pass.
Stopping for construction on Lolo
Once over the pass we spend the night in Lolo Montana. The next day we are on our way to Salmon Id. via hwy 93. We run into some curves near Lost Trail Pass
Rooster flogging the wing.

We make it to Salmon and stop for lunch, and shopping.
Not much room on the bike for purchases...but somehow we find room for some shirts and sundry items...
"Here fishy fishy...."

We leave Salmon and ride toward Challis. Click on the photo to read the poem "Trees" by Joyce Kilmer
Cool bridge

And that is that! Four bikes, eight good friends, and we had a ball. Our first "Couples ride" is a ton of fun, but it comes to an end.
The ladies get in the car and head for home, I see this on the way and just can't resist snapping a pic.
See y'all next year! :)

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Kaybi said...

If a bear picked a fight with Kenny, I'd put my money on Kenny any day of the week! :)