Monday, July 12, 2010

Hoovers Run June 26th

When it comes to finding good hamburgers I listen to the advice of my good buddy Mike, aka: Vegashotwheeler! About a year and a half ago he introduced me to a place on highway 89 near Marysvale called Hoovers. They have great food, and super employees, in short it's just a good place to go.

So now every so often some of the Vegas riders and some of us Utah riders will meet at Hoovers, have a burger (or salad or....) then we ride back to our various homes. From my house it's a 400 mile round trip, it's even further for the Vegas boys. Are the excellent Hoovers burgers worth all that? probably not, but when you add in the nice ride and the good friends, then yes it is worth every minute, every mile, and every penny!

So, a bunch of us decide to do a Hoovers run on June 26 I checked out my bike to make certain it was ready for the ride, and I could see I would need a new rear tire. This Nomad really eats up the rear tires! The first two tires I had so far have averaged just 4400 miles! Time to do something different....I decided to go to the DARKSIDE! [imagine bright lightening and loud thunder here]

What is the Darkside? A Darksider is someone who runs a car tire on the back of a motorcycle. Why? It should be obvious, to get more miles for your money. A car tire usually costs less than a motorcycle tire, and (hopefully!) will last at least 4 times longer.

Here I'm changing to the Darkside. Helping me are Fenton, Theron, Laurie, and Beverly.

Tire on I'm ready to do the Hoovers run! Jared (Utah Motorcyclist), John (Lumpy) and Adrian (Snownut Grinder) join me for this run. We re-fueled in Manti

The Utah contingent arrived at Hoovers just a couple of minutes before the Vegas folk so I got to take these pics as they pull in

I don't know some of the first names, so I'll just give you the screen names: Vegashotwheeler, Brumbie, Slackline, and Bonnie who is on the Buel barely out of this pic (you can see Bonnie in the pic above)

True to form, we have an incredible lunch and visit! We talk about doing an overnighter here as Hoovers has cabins they rent behind the restuarant. is still in the works, but I hope it happens!
See y'all on the next Hoovers run!

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