Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pashnit Party, So Ut. May 27 - 31 2010

One of the motorcycle forums I get on is It is a non-bike specific site thats is all about the ride, and touring. On that forum I met some other riders that live in Southern Utah, and the group of us decided to get together for a some riding. Since we met on the Pashnit forum we called this todo the Pashit Party, Southern Utah.
This is a sunset I saw on my way to Hurricane, where I was going to stay for the duration of this rally. Of course we held this mini rally in Southern Utah's warmer down south!

I stopped into the Hari Krishna temple near American Fork to get some pics

Honoring Chief Toquer. I believe this is in either Hurricane or La Verkin...

Some ruins, and a small community just north of St George.

West of St George.

Santa Clara

The group I was able to ride with, Suzi, Rob, Bob, Me. Short stop on our way to Gunlock. Notice the clouds, the rain was chasing us so our ride was cut short.

The next day I head for home through Zion NP and get these shots

This is out of the park, north of Mt Carmel junction
As long as I stayed on the dry spots I was ok.... ;)
Thank heavens for heated gear! I had a good trip, and it was fun meeting the Southern Utah riders.

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