Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spring has sprung!

It's a beautiful spring day. My son Fenton and I had planned on a ride to Grantsville to another son's house where Fenton would install new sprockets and chain on his bike. Time for a ride!

I wake up to this - nothing like a crisp morning to go on a ride!

On the way to Fenton's house.

Dexter and Roxie are sad because they can't go with us. At least they will be warm in the house.

Fenton (dressed for a cool day).

Going past the 1,215 foot tall Kennecott Copper Mine stack. It is the tallest U.S. freestanding structure west of the Mississippi, and fourth tallest stack in the world. Since the building of this stack in 1974, and an upgrade in 1995 the mountains to the south have made an amazing rebound. It's great to see them green and alive!

Were this stack here 25,000 years ago, all but the top 100 feet or so would have been under the water of massive Lake Bonneville.

Some clouds as we go around the mountain and west to Grantsville.

Great Salt Lake, the remnant of Lake Bonneville.

We make it to Grantsville.

I get to visit with one of my favorite buddies, Ryker the biker. We jump on his Dad's 'wheeler' and go for a spin.

'The biker' can be a ham sometimes.

Time to go, and lucky too as a storm chases me back home.

We have had a steller precipitation year. In the Grantsville area there is a lot of standing water, Deet will be a popular item this summer.
Wasn't much of a ride, but the good company and visits make up for the lack of miles.


Raftnn said...

Your spring does not look like fun! Good on you for getting out.

Tarsnakes Down Under said...

Brrrr! Man that looks far too cold and treacherous to be out riding.

Cheers Jules.

Freebird said...

Freeze spring, wow!... but always a good time to take a ride!...

Un saludo.

bluekat said...

That first pic was depressing! I'm so tired of this winter weather that will not go away! I'm glad you got a ride in after all. Nice pics from your day anyway.

Riker the biker is totally cute!

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Ken:

If it had snowed like that here (at the end of April), I would have blown my brains out. As it is, I wouldn't have ridden my bike on an icy surface. You're a better man than I am, but most guys are.

Fondest regards,
Jacxk • Reep • Toad

Ken said...

Thanks to all of you for your comments! The pics make it look colder than it was, no worries about frozen roads as the sun had been shining for a few days and had the ground nicely warmed up.

Hopefully that is our last snowstorm of the season!