Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bear Tooth and back 2011. Day 3 of 6

Wednesday, August 10
What a great way to start the day. We left our hotel in Cody, made a quick gas stop and then started up Chief Joseph Highway. Can't beat that!

Dead Indian Summit, looking down on the road we're going to ride next.

Still haven't adjusted the timer to old man speed.

Alls well that ends well.....
To get a better angle I asked "Holt" from Tennessee if I could use his truck bed for a better shot. He indulged me and moved his truck so I could take the pic. Then I took one of him and his dog so he could send it to his girlfriend. Thanks Holt!

The junction for Chief Joseph, and Bear Tooth highways. You can see the Bear Tooth peak in the background. The Bear Tooth highway is a spectacular 67 mile ride. The road reaches elevations of just under 11,000 feet (the highest is 10,977). We will ride the Bear Tooth to Red Lodge, Montana, have lunch and ride it again the other directon to Cooke City, Montana where we will stay overnight.

Can you see the watery ghost?

Red Lodge, Montana. We had lunch at Bogarts.
They have neat old signs hanging everywhere...

Lots of bikes in Red Lodge, a well preserved Goldwing above and the back half of a BMW below.

Back on the Bear Tooth. Do you think there have been any glaciers here?

The Bear Tooth peak again.
They do get some snow up here.....

We got some rain and a little hail.

Off the Bear Tooth and on to our lodging in Cooke City.


willujfan said...

Great pics, although I didn't notice the back half of the BMW?

Brady said...

More than once we were told to take the Chief Joseph - I wish we had. We missed it as we passed through Cody. Thanks for putting up some pictures. Now I know where to drive next time I'm in the area.

Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Ken:

I love all of these pictures, but was really fascinated by the building in photo #31. You got the emphasis right in the photo titled, "The Back Half of a BMW." This road to the Bear Claw is absolutely Amazing. I am going to ride this next year, if it is the last thing I do.

Your blog is candy to the imagination. Thank you for taking the trouble to post this. This is one BMW rider who is constantly refreshed by your rides.

Fondest regards,
Twisted Roads

BeemerGirl said...

Fabulous! I hadn't heard of the Chief Joseph. It is going on my list. Please tell me the image of the highway and major tilt was just photographers license, and not an actual event. ;)

SonjaM said...

Amazing scenery! So many roads so little time, but I hope to be able to travel there too, one fine day.
The BMW pic seems a little out of focus but the other photos are wonderful ;-)

Ken said...

Sonja - Thanks for reading this post. The out of focus pic is likely the photographers fault for getting distracted; the leather crafter did and exceptional job on those boots!

Ken said...

Willjufan - "Like father, like son" (Don't let Debbie read that or she is sure to go into a deep depression!)

Brady - I heard the same thing for years, and finally (two years ago) rode it. Life is too short to miss these kinds of roads!

Jack - Jack, the building, the road, the back half of the BMW all wait for you to arrive....

Lori - The highway tilt was 'fun with a camera' time. You and Jack should come ride the CJH at the same time and somehow talk me into being your guide...
By Ken on Bear Tooth and back 2011. Day 3 of 6 on 8/26/11