Sunday, September 18, 2011

Great day - Bad ending - Good news.

Great day.
My annual Daddy - Daughter ride was this Saturday, September 17. I REALLY enjoy this tradition and the time spent with my daughter Kaybi. It's also fun having friends and family come along with us, Stan and two of his daughters, Christy, and Becky, my daughter-in -law Tiffany brought her dad, Roy, and my grand-daughter Alyssa. Tiffany is heavy with child so she, her dad, and Alyssa rode in a car.

So three bikes, five motorcyclists, and three cage riders set out on a chilly, rain threatening day. The Saturday before, while on another ride I saw a lonely, beckoning, back-country road that seemed anxious for me to ride it. That night I had a dream about that road, so the next day, (last Sunday) Beverly and I returned and followed that lonely road to it's end which happened to be a Utah State Park; Lost Creek. This isn't the first time I've had this experience, here is a poem I penned a few years ago about the same thing;

The Road

I saw a lonely road today, it seemed to call my name.

I've heard that voice a thousand times, it always sounds the same.

It matters not what kind of road it is, street, highway, or dusty ole trail.

They bid the same each one to me; "come see my sights, come on and smell my smells."

They speak with a quiet seductive tone, that pierces straight to my heart.Their siren voice whispers in my ear; "to go round the world you first have to start!"

I gazed down that road,...I heard the call....yet, felt an emptiness deep inside.

For me the choice was made long ago, I have duties from which I can't hide.

I take a long, last look down that lonely road ignore the call turn and go on my way.

But I mark that road on the map in my mind and think, maybe, just maybe, another day.

I chose this route for the Daddy-Daughter ride.

And it WAS a chilly day! We rode up Emigration Canyon, to Hennefer, then on to Croyden where the road to Lost Creek begins. Following it to the State Park, we stopped at the reservior and tried to rub some feeling back into our hands - then we rode the few miles back to Taggart Grill for some wonderful lunch. If you are interested, Taggart has a very excellent Portobello Mushroom burger, with or without the meat patty - get the patty and fries, go in hungry, clean your plate, waddle out fat and happy!

Looking off the patio at Taggarts.

This guy and his girlfriend were hanging out by our table.

During lunch we decided on our route home. Stan has the best knowledge of how to get on our chosen road so he led this part of the ride.

Bad ending.

We were on the East Canyon road, SR 66, when it happened. Stan is a safe rider, and cognizant that his daughters are still learning, so he was leading at or below speed limits on this curvy road, but for reasons still unknown Becky lost control of her bike and ended up in a shallow ditch on the side of the road. She was face up in ankle deep water, she was concious, but hurting! She had bounced and tumbled over boulders and down the embankment into the water.

There is a camp ground a few hundred yards away from the crash site, but other than that we had the area to ourselves. As my daughter ran uphill to get cell service and call 911 I went to Becky to talk to, and try to reassure her. Within seconds (maybe 30 or so..) there were two men behind me, one stated they were medical professionals of some sort (I think he said they were EMTs, but can't be certain) when he said that I immediately stepped back and let them take over. I can't express how relieved I was that someone who knew what they were doing was there to help! As I stepped back I saw that they had their SUV parked on the road to protect the crash site.

Within a couple of minutes three other medical pros were there. They all three were Doctors and had well stocked first aid bags. Becky was in excellent hands! (I believe the bicycle riding Drs were from the east coast, and on vacation here) additionally some people from the campground came with blankets to cover Becky. Surprisingly soon, considering our somewhat remote location, the police, then the ambulance arrived. They all acted competently and Becky was transported to the nearest hospital.

You can see where the path of the bike is, the bike, and the responders working on Becky.

I didn't get the names of any of the Good Samaritans, I wouldn't recognize them if I saw them, but I thank them from the bottom of my heart for the care they so freely gave when needed!

Good news.

Becky will spend the next few days in the hospital. Luckily tests on her head and spine came back as good news. Her wrist was operated on, and her elbow was re-located, and she has numerous bumps and bruises. Her full face helmet is scratched and dinged, her jacket and jeans were cut off at the scene.

Right now I'm certain she doesn't think so, but I saw the entire incident; the mileage marker pole she narrowly missed, the barbed wire fence she came within a couple of feet of grating along, the bowling ball sized boulders she tumbled over and through and having seen all that I think she is very, very lucky. Part of that luck is that she didn't give up on trying to ride the bike, she stayed with it and very nearly regained control..but it was not to be.

As for the Daddy-Daughter ride? It was a lot of fun up to that point. Next year? Probably not.

ps. Just got home from a visiting Becky at the hospital. She is in good spirits and seems to be doing as well as can be expected.

pps. can anyone tell me how to keep the random spaces out of my blog posts? I edit over and over and yet they are still there.


bobskoot said...


thankfully for Becky, help was there when you needed it. Very good news for her.

As I look at that front wheel it must have taken a big impact to bend like that. in spite of everything, it worked out to be a good day

Riding the Wet Coast

Paul said...

She was being watched over! isn't good to know. She has a friend in high Places!

VegasHotWheeler said...

Glad to see she is OK and hope this does not put a stop to your Daddy Daughter ride.
Stuff happens and the show must go on.

Brady said...


When you said bad ending, I had no idea of the caliber of the bad. My heart goes out, I know this is the kind of thing that goes through my mind when I gear up to ride, and especially when my brother and sister in law asked if I would teach them the basics.

It's a risk we all take, I hope I never wind up in such a place, I don't wish that on anybody, but I'm happy to hear she's doing well and that the meds were close by. That can make all the difference.

Hope things only go up from here.

Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Ken:

The great author Melissa Pearson once said that a motorcycle's natural resting position is on its side, in a ditch. I believe this is true as it doesn't take anything to end up underneath one.

Even though the terrain was as rough as nails (looking at the damage to the bike), I am delighted that Becky wasn't riding in North Carolina, or someplace where the edge of the road is an 80 foot drop (without a guardrail), or a solid rock embankment.

Still, her injuries seem serious enough to me (although walking away without head, facial, spine, and leg injuries is like winning the lottery.) I was especially proud to read that she fought for control and nearly had the damn thing upright when the end came.

I bet she'd riding again next season.

Fondest regards,
Twisted Roads

Ken said...

Bob - If you look close you can see a fence post in one of the pictures. I'm certain that is what bent the wheel.

Paul - Becky's Mother passed away two years ago, if it is at all possible I can tell you Leslie was doing everything she could do to protect her daughter.

Mike - You are right of course, we'll see what happens next year....

Brady - Thanks for your comments. When someone asks me for riding advice I usually tell them they would be much better off taking a MSF course, from a trained instructor.

Jack - You might be right, she is no quitter, as evidenced by her fight to control the bike. Time heals all wounds.

Thanks everyone for your comments.

Utah Motorcyclist said...

Hey Ken,

After you telling me over the phone about this accident I was looking for your post about it. Sounds like it was a horrible way to end you weekend and it now makes since why you weren't feeling too excited about going for a ride on Sunday. I'm sure glad the Dr. and medical professionals were so close and that it wasn't any worse than it

Being more exposed is part of the fun, but adds and lot to the danger and risk we all take when we are on two wheels. Reading this and a about a few other accidents lately sure pounds ATGATT into your mind.

Let ride soon!


RichardM said...

Sounds like she is recovering but from looking at the front wheel, looks pretty serious.

can anyone tell me how to keep the random spaces out of my blog posts? I edit over and over and yet they are still there.

In the new Blogger "Compose" section under options, if you select Press "Enter" for like breaks, the double blank lines between paragraphs should go away.

Hope that helps...


Ken said...

Richard: Thanks! I'll try that.

mq01 said...

great blog. any update on becky? i hope that she's recovery well!

BeemerGirl said...

Wow! I'm so glad that Becky wasn't hurt worse. It sucks, but let's hope her accident quota has been fulfilled.

Ken said...

mq01 - Thanks for reminding me. Becky is home doing well and continues to recover.

Lori - I hope so too. I do know my quota for 'watching accidents happen' is over full!

luna's dimonds/otters said...

Hey fellow riders Becky here :)It's been 8 weeks from the accident and I've had my fractures surgical repaired and my doctors tell me I'm half-way to perfect. Thanks for the prayers and well wishes. I hope to make it to next years daddy-daughter ride.

Brady said...


You must be made of true grit. Planning to go back out? I'm very impressed, good for you.

Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

Ken said...

Becky - Thanks for your update, and I think you are closer than halfway to perfect already! :) Best wishes for you, Robert, and the kids.