Sunday, July 22, 2012

North a

North or South? Vegas buddy Mike, aka Vegashotwheeler is doing one of his burger runs,
Of course I want to go, but, brother-in-law Bruce aka Bruce, has set up a ride from Idaho Falls to Salmon Idaho (North).
Equally of course I want to see my B-I-L.
Blood wins out and I ride north.

Day one.
Near Logan, home of Utah State University.

No bull about it, I think there are some happy and relaxed bovines up here.
Bear Lake is high this year, almost to the road.

 I ride through Paris....Idaho.
The Paris Tabernacle.
County building.
 On highway 89 near the Wyoming border, some creative person made these. They are about 30' long.

US 89
 Some farm pics

I got a late start, so after the 300 miles to Idaho Falls, I grab a room and crash for the night.


BeemerGirl said...

Those are some mean looking clouds! But the crops look healthy. And there ain't no way I'm collecting bull semen!

Ken said...

Lori, sometimes you just gotta grab the bull by the....well, nevermind! It looks like your trip was a great one. I'm jealous you got to meet the famous (infamous??) Jack!