Friday, July 4, 2014

V-Strom Cache Rally

I blogged a few months ago about organizing a rally (using those terms: organizing, and rally, loosely) this is a no frills rally with the V-Strom Cache as a central theme.

Finally the date arrived (June 27-29) and off to Cascade Idaho for the rally. 
Andreas and I planned to meet in Jerome Idaho and ride the rest of the way together.

A lot of the pictures in this post are courtesy of this guy, Andreas.
We arrive at the Arrowhead RV park, the rally site, by mid afternoon, and set up our tents.
The Arrowhead RV Park are great hosts. The place is spotlessly clean and they supply unlimited free firewood...even delivered it to our camp site.
(Photo by Andreas)
Time to cook dinner.
(Photo by Andreas)
(Photo by Andreas)
The next day Andreas and I  decide to ride to Yellowpine, Idaho. From Cascade to Yellowpine is only about 67 miles, but its a two hour journey because the road is so narrow, windy, and 17 miles is dirt.
The weather turned nasty and we got wet and muddy.

Since this IS the Cache Rally I brought a picture of the Cache.....

Andreas' well farkeled bike.
(Photo by Andreas)
And we make it to Yellowpine...
..where we had brunch. We each ordered a delicious omelet at this eatery.

Yellowpine Main St.
(Photo by Andreas)
On the way out of town.
(Photo by Andreas)
My chain needs adjusting so we picked the best spot we could find to do it......
(Photo by Andreas)

We got a little muddy..
(Photo by Andreas)

By the time we got back to camp, the other riders had started showing up.
Greg aka notacop, on left rode up from California (about 930 miles one way) and Don aka Nvr2old came over from Washington.
(Photo by Andreas)

Meridith and Ken aka Basecamp, Greg, Don and Your's truly.
(Photo by Andreas)
Blake, Kirt, and Jim arrive.
(Photo by Andreas)
(Photo by Andreas)
(Photo by Andreas)
More rain.
(Photo by Andreas)
Chillin time... (between rain storms)
(Photo by Andreas)
(Photo by Andreas)
(Photo by Andreas)
Trying to dry out my wallet and socks.

Saturday we ride up Warm Lake Road to the summit....
....where we u-turned and rode back down to the lodge and enjoyed lunch at this place.

There is a Bible camp in the area.
Back on the road we take Forest Road 474 and follow it the 30 crazy miles to where the pavement ends.

Aaaaaaand back to our camp where we enjoy some more chillin time, and take the obligatory group shot.
back row, Don, Andreas, Blake, Meridith, Jim, Greg.
front row, Kirt, Me, Ken
One rider from California, one from Washington, two from Utah, and five from Oregon.
Thanks to everyone who came! I had a super time despite the rain.
I "plan" to "organize" another Cache Rally next year.....mark your calender!

Good times!!
About 1150 miles for me.


Jim Riley said...

Looks like another great "Ken planned" event! Hope the timing works out better for me next year.

Ken said...

I hope it works out Jim, it would be great to have you along!

Trobairitz said...

Good times despite the rain. It looks like fun was had. 5 riders from Oregon - you have to watch out for those ones, lol.

Sure looks like a beautiful area for a ride. Thanks for sharing the pics.

Ken said...

Trobairitz - I think the Oregon guys (and gal) brought the rain with them! :) Thanks for dropping in.