Sunday, June 14, 2015

Friends of Ted II

Or more accurately the title should read Family and Friends of Ted Sessions.
This is the second annual road side clean up in Honor of Ted. If you want to know more about Ted you can check out last years post "Friends of Ted" July 13, 2014

One way to make a good cause even better is by turning it into a reason to go for a ride.
Adrian and Cyndi, Rooster and Wendy, Kenny and Jan, join Beverly and I for a 400 wandering miles ride from Salt Lake, Utah to Driggs, Idaho.
 We stop for fuel and drinks at Randolph, Utah; Wendy practices using a straw with mixed results.... 
 Another stop at Freedom Arms at Freedom, Wyoming. 
Inside the bathroom...

 Some of the trophies they have mounted.
 Cyndi thinks it's time for a nap...I agree!
We gather that night for dinner at this place. It was good, but LOUD!

 Grand daughter Izley Rose and Poppy.
 The next morning we are ready for the clean up. We do the pre clean up brief. 
 And everyone gets to work!
 There is nothing quite like picking up roadside trash to say "I love you"....
 Ted's oldest son Craig.

Baked potato anyone?
 Ted's son Ryan, and  my son Theron renew a life long friendship.
 You have to be at least 18 to pick up along the road, so these top notch parents got their kids involved by having them pick up garbage along the jogging path that parallels the road about 100 feet away from the road. Good job!
 And............DONE! It didn't take long with all the help we had.
A bunch of us meet after inside this nursery..... The Marigold Cafe...a neat place for lunch.
 Ted's daughter Stacy and 3 of Ted's 4 grandchildren.

(Later that day....)
 Going to Victor and not getting a huckleberry shake at this place is criminal!! 
The post shake chat...

 A back side view of the Tetons.
So...another year down. There were about 30 people there to help with the clean up. Everyone worked hard and I think...had a good time while doing this service.

As for the ride, it was about 730 excellent miles.
THANKS to everyone who helped! See you next year.


Adrian said...

Great weekend Ken! Thank you for putting it together. It was great to see everyone and get some riding in as well!

Trobairitz said...

A great ride for a great cause.

I chuckled at the toilet paper and paper towel holder. I could see my boss having those in our law office.

Ken said...

Adrian - Once again I am so glad you two could make it! Thanks for making the weekend better.

Tro - A law office?? LOL..maybe he could also have a noose as the light switch... :)

Thanks for reading!

Chiller tek said...

I had to laugh when i saw the toilet roll holders. Americans sure do love their guns. Good post.

Meredith Jacobs said...

Looks as if you came offaly close to Bend....
Nice posting Ken... we look forward to see you somewhere on the road :)