Sunday, June 28, 2015

V-Strom Cache rally 2015

The V-Strom Cache rally is the weekend of June 27 so I leave Thursday heading north and will eventually end up in Victor, Idaho  -  the rally site.

On my way I see this cool barn near Huntsville, Utah;
Lady Liberty and Beaky...I love them both!
I arrive at the Teton Valley RV park and set up camp.

On Friday Jude, Andreas, Don, Phil and I go for a super ride.

This is at Warm River...the fish are thick, unfortunately I don't have an underwater camera...

 Then to Mesa Falls.

 And on our way back to our rally site we stop for some refreshment...I see "Huckleberry shake" on the menu and can't resist!
 The next day the rest of the rally goers show up. Bob rides all the way from Virginia to bring the Cache!

L to R
Don, Bruce, Steve, Bob (holding the Cache), Jude, Andreas, Doug, Phil, Yours truly.
 Andreas (back to camera) surprises us by bringing some chicken and a bag of hamburger patties! We all pitch in with condiments etc and his contribution ends up feeding the group for two nights! 
Our camp site.

 Saturday we go for a short 110 mile ride.
 We stop at Alpine, Wyoming and decide to extend our ride .. 
 We stop at Henry, Idaho and decide to extend our ride... 
 We stop for gas at Soda Springs, Idaho and decide to extend our ride..... 
 We eat at Montpelier, Idaho and then head back north. Our short '110 mile ride' is nearly 300 miles when we are done. And it was a GREAT ride!
Back at the rv park Bob does the Cache hand off  to Phil.
 Don's tent gets an unwelcome visitor...Doug assists with the First Annual Great Mouse Hunt!
Who in their right mind would go to Victor, without visiting the Emporium and having a Huckleberry shake? 
Not these guys;
Don, Me, Steve and Phil enjoy a shake and some great conversation.
Was a super way to spend a long weekend! 1135 miles for me, and a TON-O-FUN riding, visiting, and eating with good friends.

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Trobairitz said...

Ahhh, beautiful weather and great riding.

I like how your bike matches the barn in that first picture.