Monday, September 21, 2015

An Enchanting ride, part 2

The next day our main activity is to visit the Taos Pueblo.
The Taos Pueblo has been continuously occupied by the Tiwa people for over 900 years.

The Church. 
The Native Americans here were converted to Catholics when the Spanish came, but then returned to their Earth based religion. They have now combined the two, seeing similarities between the two and they practice both religions.

 The oldest part of Taos Pueblo. About 150 people live in this village.

 The graveyard.

We leave in the morning for Bluff, Utah.

This guy was caught texting while driving...

Gas stop in Chama.

We pass Shiprock, New Mexico. This monadnock rises 1583 feet above the desert floor.

Four corners.

Riding into Bluff.

We eat at the Twin Rocks Cafe.....can you guess how they got their name?

Beverly had an excellent burger, sans buns. I had a ho hum Navajo taco.

Tomorrow (in part 3) we'll ride to Torrey, Utah.


Trobairitz said...

Fun! The weather looks so dry, but I bet it was a great time of year for travel. Not too hot, not too cold.

Interesting building at the Pueblo to wander around. Thank you for sharing.

Ken said...

Tro - It was not all that hot. We like going down there at this time of year to (hopefully) miss the HEAT....but last year we had to ride in a torrential downpour!! was still fun!
Thanks for reading!