Monday, June 25, 2018

Nearly perfect! page 2

(we).......stop for lunch in tiny Rangely, Colorado. While we were eating Ken notices a pamphlet advertising this car museum (Rangely Automotive Museum owned by Bud Striegel) a couple blocks down the road.

We have plenty of time so we decide to visit the museum. And what a good choice it was! The cars and motorcycles here are absolutely beautiful!
We spent a very enjoyable hour or so enjoying the nearly perfect restorations.

The Harley guys are happy!

I can't remember what this car is, but it had the nickname of "Tombstone" because of the design of the grill.....

A gorgeous Cord.

Photo op!
Our entire group.
Jan, Ken, Bev, Your's truly, Ron (twice), Wendy, Harry, Brent (barely), Christine, Julie.

They had some old hats sitting around....and well.... kids will be kids!

The Hat Club Ladies.

Outside the museum is a small Stonehenge replica.

We spend our last night in Dutch John, Utah near the Flaming Gorge Dam. That night we were treated to a free concert that was held on the grass common area just below our cabins. The music was very good, we sat on the cabin portico and enjoyed a nice nearly perfect evening.

On the road by 9:00 the next morning we ride the 203 miles toward home via the Flaming Gorge road.

1300 miles of good roads, good food, and good friends, and well....good grief we need to do this again!

Sooooooo.....'nearly perfect', what wasn't perfect? Unfortunate health issues kept one couple off their bike and in their car; on the other hand, it is very nice to have a 4 wheeler with us to lock helmets in etc. And, having them there is more important than the mode of transportation they travel in..or on. One of the bikes had some biggie, it was able to finish the trip in fine form. was pretty darn close to perfect: ideal weather, uncrowded roads, no major issues.
I hope next years ride is as good as this one!

I just LOVE motorcycling!


RichardM said...

What a great trip! Do you manage to do this every year? And, you’re right about having your friends along being more important than the mode of travel. Plus the benefit of having a portable locker...

Ken said...

Richard - Yes, we've been doing it for 8 or 9 years now. We have had a car with us 3 times and it really is convenient. I hope your doing well and enjoying the warmer weather!