Sunday, June 16, 2019

6th annual Cache Gathering

Its the second week in June and time for the annual Cache Rally/Gathering
This year we hold it in Gardiner, Montana which is at the north entrance to Yellowstone park.

Howard and I ride through the park to get to the rally and see three bears. I was only able to photo two, but before the weekend was over I saw 6 bears in the park. Wow!

Another bear.

Our campsite.

Another view.

We decide to get a group pic in front of the famous Roosevelt arch. I thought parking on the sidewalk would be a good shot.....but then.....

....two park rangers showed up seconds after we parked. They were decent about it and just told us to park by the curb and don't block both lanes... Which we did.. 

....and ended up with this picture.

 Troy brought his sweet Bonny!

Four of us ride over Beartooth Pass, Don, Mark, Howard and me. 

Conditions were nearly perfect!

Later...the moon was cool looking..

And the elk burgers were awesome!

I had a few pictures with faces in them but each one had a reason not to post them so we just get this.

1372 miles for me. Others had many many more. States represented are; Alabama, Washington, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, and Colorado.

A super weekend!

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

A perfectly good plane.

For grand-daughter Alyssa's  birthday she treats herself to a jump out of a plane.....

Her dad and I join her.
 Stare contest.....
 Of course your first few jumps have to be tandom....this is my tandom guy, Zack.
 Boarding the plane, a Cessna Caravan.
 And a few minutes later we return....
 We use my seat as landing gear...

 Two happy campers!
 Another one!

 Dinner after our successful jump.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Railroad crossing, look out for the cars......

Luke and Kimber (Kaybi's kids) are on Spring break or something for a week.
Soooo....a field trip the the Golden Spike National Historical Monument is in order.

It is a RAINY day! My windshield wipers were on for the entire 95 miles to the Monument, but as we arrive in the parking lot I'm able to turn them off...  Nice!

The friendly and helpful Rangers give the kids a map/treasure hunt booklet, and let us use a golden spike for this photo.

The Golden Spike was driven at this location (Promontory Point) May 10 1869 completing the first transcontinental railroad across the U.S.
Mr. Leland Stanford (rich guy) who later funded much of guessed it, Stanford University. Was the designated celebrity spike driver...
Anyway, Mr. Standford swung the huge hammer and missed the spike on his first try, but he was eventually able to tap it into its pre-drilled hole, and, being 75% gold, it was then promptly removed and put in a safe place
The actual spike that linked the east-west lines was a normal everyday iron spike that was pounded in by an Irish laborer named Wilde McHamrr, and holding the spike was a Chinese laborer named, Hu duc Faste...

As the tourist season had not yet started, the two replicas of the trains that met on that historic day were not on display yet, but still housed in their garage. We were able to go in and see them and get a couple pix.

From the west side, California being California sent a gayly colored engine name Jupiter. From the east side they sent boring Engine 119, festooned with the typical black and soot of the day.


And on the other side, Engine 119

After that we drove another 18 miles to see the Spiral Jetty.
The Spiral Jetty is an earthwork sculpture by Robert Smithson, and considered to be his most important work.
It was completed in 1970 at this site chosen partially because of the salt water resistant algae that lives here and makes the water blood red. The Jetty is 1500 feet long and made of basalt rocks.

"WHO'S GOING TO CLEAN MY TRUCK?!"  I ask.  "Not me" says Kimber, "its your truck..."
Darn kids! :)

Next up for us is the Thiokol rocket garden.

Luke does his "Shuttle Booster before launch" routine, while Kimber shows us her 'rocket dance'...

A stop at the Golden Spike cafe where the lady at the counter compliments the kids on how polite they are. "Good parentage" I reply. "And I'll bet good grand-parentage too" she says.  
Well....who am I to disagree?? 

And then on our way home.
An awesome day!!!

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Utah to Vegas to Marfa to Home. I

A couple of the grand-daughters are in a dance competition in St George, Utah. Bev drives down to watch the dancing and (unfortunately) I show up (on the bike) to late to go to the competition...
But....after they are done and heading back home, Bev and I ride and drive onto Vegas and spend a week there seeing the strip....oops, nope, the other sights around Las Vegas!

This is the Goldwell open air museum near Rhyolite, Nevada.

"The Last Supper"

And a couch.

And then...
Somebody paints these rocks just off the freeway near Primm, Nevada.

Then on to Landers, California to see the Giant Rock.
Several years ago there was an annual convention of UFO-logists at this location. There is a dirt landing strip (for airplanes...) to the left of this photo.

This very nice ......priest or lama or something.... was telling me there was a World War II spy that lived underneath the rock in order to spy on the nearby Marine base. He is pointing at the hole where the spy accessed his 'home' under the rock.

This is the "Integratron" built by George Van Tassel between the years of 1957 and 1959. It was apparently designed to 'refresh' people, allowing them to live longer more productive lives, instead of losing all that hard gained experience to our 'short' life spans.
George reported that he was given the plans bit by bit by an alien visitor. As he would finish each part, he would then be given another part of the plan and so on....
Unfortunately George died under suspicious circumstances, and his papers disappeared shortly before he was able to finish and activate the we'll never know if it actually worked or not.
The Integratron is 38 feet tall and has a diameter of 55 feet.

Our next days excursion started in Boulder, Nevada at the World famous Coffee Cup Cafe.

Breakfast was delicious, as is usual at the Coffee Cup!

Then on to to the 'Ghost Town" of Nelson, Nevada.

From Nelson, we drove to Nipton, California for lunch.

More in part II