Monday, January 21, 2019

Baja IIII (Home)

And just like that we are leaving Baja. It was a very nice trip with much warmer weather than was at home.

I stop and overnight in Hurricane, Utah. I was considering a ride through Zion National Park and wandering home, but I was told that a huge winter storm was going to hit on Monday, so I get up Sunday and head for the barn. The 320 mile ride was fairly pleasant, with temps never getting below 40 degrees.

When I pulled into our circle, our garage door was open and I find out a hot bowl of chili is waiting for me on the table.
(Beverly was watching my 'google tracker' and knew when I was getting close)

So that's it. 
Nearly 4300 miles home to home, 4 states, 2 countries, one whale watching trip, numerous Tecate's and a Ton O Fun!

I got rained on in Death Valley.

Met, broke bread with, and made new friends in Tombstone, Arizona, Guerrero Negro, and San Quintin, Baja.

Enjoyed the wonderful hospitality of the Mexican People.

Saw ancient cave drawings.

Snuck into a locked World heritage - Mexican national site for pictures only.. (that story intentionally left out...)


Got hit by a rogue wave and very nearly drug into the ocean. (another one intentionally left out...)

The Tenere performed flawlessly, never took a nap, and continues to make her way into my heart.
Good times, good friends, good life!

And just for reference, this is looking out my front door the day after I got home.... (The Monday storm I was told about)
Timing is Everything!


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Trobairitz said...

Definitely good timing on getting home. And to have hot chili waiting for you!

I am glad you had such a great trip. Good to get out of the cold and just enjoy life and bikes for a bit.


Olé!...nice ride.

Hubert Pablo said...

Nice ride. Did you take a picture of the whales? Can you share it with us? Please. I'm planning to visit Bermuda Island soon. Hopefully, this coming March to experience the whale watching tour in Bermuda. By the way, always pray before riding a motorcycle.

If you can share me your email, I'll send to you the images when I get there. if possible.