Monday, March 4, 2013

Motorcycle poetry

No, I haven't had a spooky premonition, or a feeling of imminent demise. But after my recent mis-adventure on my beloved Gen, this poem filtered up through my motorcycle addled brain and landed on the computer screen.

Here it is, I hope you enjoy it;

If I die on a bike

If I die on a bike, when you lay me to rest,
spruce up your hair and dress in your best.
Slap on a grin and try not to cry,
trust me - I can think of far worse ways to die.

If I die on a bike, that means I’d had the wind in my face,
been smelling the roses, and content in my own space.
It means I’d communed with the road, and felt that ribbon’s soul
(hopefully I was just wandering with no destination or goal).

If I die on a bike you can bet I was happy.
Ohhh, I could go on with all kinds of sappy.
But you should know this, if you do start to grieve
when that day comes this mortal coil I do leave;
I died doing what I love, and that should be enough
to make you smile, though I admit losing me will be tough!

If I die on a bike, it means I was feeding my travelers lust.
Yes, I freely admit it’s the journey and not, "get somewhere or bust."
Because I’m never so happy as when my bike I’m astride,
there’s a thrilling enchantment in the words, ‘time for a ride!’

If I die on a bike please, give decorum and reverence a short rest.
Oh, I know we should always keep our behavior at its very best.
But raise your glasses and voices in a toast of the two things I most like;

“Here’s to boobs of all sizes, and Tombstone on a bike!”


Roger said...

Cool poem stranger!

Ken said...

Roger - Thanks. It kind-of goes along with the poster on your a morbid sort of way. :)

Unknown said...

I think such a poem means that you are ready to ride motorcycles your entire life. Quite a bike enthusiast you are, i admire your passion and by the way the poem is great. Street Bike Accessories

Ken said...

Janet - Thanks for that very nice comment, you made my day!