Monday, May 11, 2015

Ginger gets laid (down) part 5 Ak

I leave Fairbanks to ride to Wiseman where Beverly has reserved me a cabin for two nights. Wiseman is 250 miles south of Deadhorse and is the last place (before Deadhorse) that I can get lodging.

The Yukon River bridge is being worked on so traffic is stopped in both directions for 4 hours.  
 On my way again, I stop for this picture.
 Gas and grub stop at Coldfoot.
 Gassed and fed I ride onto Wiseman, this Cessna belongs to the owner of the cabin I'm staying at.
 My home for the next two nights.

The next morning
I leave the cabin at 6:00 am to ride the 250 miles to Deadhorse.
 On my way out of Wiseman I snap a picture of the post office..

 A couple miles out of town this wolverine was standing in the road, I had an excellent view of his side and the goldish stripe. Unfortunately by the time I could stop and take a pic he was to far  into the woods to get a decent shot. 
 I met this handsome couple yesterday while waiting for the bridge construction to open. Casey and Katey (sp?), they are hunting caribou and black bear. When I saw their camp I had to stop and say hello. Notice two bows...Casey is a lucky guy! 
Another fox..

 Annnnnnnnd finally Deadhorse. The whole town was a giant puddle. Lots of hardy people making a living there.

A kind of cool thing... As I was riding north, I was told numerous times by locals along the way, "You're the first bike this year". I didn't plan that or even think about it until people started telling me that. Soooooo yes, I thought it was a very cool thing to be "the first bike this year"!
 I have the photo, bought a snickers and some jerky - it's time to head back to my lodging. 

 From the time I had passed on my way north to now making my way south, three avalanches had come down (see the fresh snow on the right) and gone all the way across the road and been cleared by the Alaska DOT.
 I make it back to the cabin at 10:00 pm. 16 hours in the saddle and a super day of riding.

The next morning I'm southbound again heading to Fairbanks, 270 miles down the road.
 Conditions aren't optimal..
 Even so, things were going fine, I was about 80 miles from the end of the Dalton when I hit a very slick stretch of mud...I started to swerve...

And ended up here. I didn't break any bones, but was bruised and sore. Ginger on the other hand... 

The Kindness of strangers;
I can't overstate how much I appreciate the help I received from the Alaska DOT guys. From the two that gathered me up and put my bike in a safe spot, to the crew at Maintenance facility 7 who allowed me to take over a corner of their office while I awaited rescue. Thanks Donny and Brian and crew.

A thanks also to John, another new friend I met the day before at the bridge closure, for being a resource and the offer of a room and use of his shop.

Thirdly a huge thank-you to Ezra who put his life on hold and drove 300 miles on a rough road to load my bike, gear and me in his truck and deliver me to my hotel.

Lastly and most importantly Thank-you to my home support team, Kaybi, (lead calmer-downer), Jacob (head rescue truck arranger), and of course Beverly, who takes these things in stride and doesn't change the door locks while I'm gone..
I am truly Blessed.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Alaska or bust!

I'm almost ready for my ride north. Just a few more farkles to add to the bike and I should be good to go.

First, I ask friend Elmo to fabricate me a gas can holder.

Looks pretty good eh?
Thanks Elmo!

 Second, oldest son Will, gave me a Hula Girl to keep me company on my ride. Grand-son Ryker helps me attach Maui-Mona to the dash shelf. 
Hopefully she stays there and is not gone to maui.....
 Thanks Will and Ryker.
And lastly I  treat my clothes with Permathrin to help keep the mosquitoes away. Here they are drying in the garage on a rainy day. 
I think I'm ready.
I'll be posting trip updates as often as possible.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Don't Be A Guberif. part 1 Ak.

Finally the day has arrived!
I depart April 27 - I have two lodging reservations, one for that night in McCall, Idaho and one for my third night in Whistler, British Columbia. Other than that I'll be winging it.

I see this in McCall.
I cross the 45th life is not immediately changed.
Doggie motel.
I spy an interesting looking road and take it....after wandering around for a bit it takes me to Palouse, Washington where I find the Green Frog and have this delicious salad with the house made Honey mustard dressing...worth the trip!
I camp near Moses Lake, Washington.
Crossing the border.
Beautiful British Columbia!
Memorial of some sort..
Somebody's Mother didn't love him (or her) enough...

I prepare to enter what looks like a time machine, or a space worm hole access, or maybe a molecular re-organizer.......but nope..... 
......Turns out it was just a bridge.....weird eh?
(end of part 1)

Saturday, May 2, 2015

No heat. part 2 Ak.

I spend the night in Dease Lake at this place. VERY friendly staff that aims to please.

 Lunch time.

 Entering the Yukon I stop for a photo, shortly after I get my photo four college age girls stop for the same reason...their pic is much more exciting than my photo!

 Then on to Watson Lake to see the Sign Forest. 

And on to Teslin to stay overnight.

Next morning I'm off to Whitehorse, temps got down to 29. Two days ago the Gerbing heat controller for my electric vest died, then the back up died about 10 miles later.
I'll visit the dealers in Whitehorse in hopes that someone will have one, but no such luck. So I continue on to Destruction Bay. In the mean time Beverly has made numerous phone calls to have one delivered to Fairbanks dealer for me.
Thanks to Gregery at The Warming Store for his excellent help in getting the controller shipped ASAP.
And of course a HUGE thanks to Beverly for making it happen.