Sunday, June 12, 2016

Friends of Ted III

It's that time of year again...the "Friends of Ted" clean up is scheduled for June 11
So we head for Driggs, Idaho - that date is also mine and Bev's anniversary.
We'll celebrate 36 years of marriage by taking separate conveyances to Driggs. She wants to listen to some books on tape, and I want to get some seat time on Beaky, my faithful V-Strom. We'll be spending lots of time together over the weekend, and we both enjoyed our ride/drives up and back.
 I see a mama and baby moose on the way.
 It's Saturday morning and the group gathers for our project.
Sorry...I didn't get everyone's names.
Newlyweds,  Ryan and Sabrina.
 Craig the snake finder...
Strom buddy Gary from Massachusetts visiting his family in the area pitched in to help, and your's truly on the right.

Who who found the dead owl...?  Stacy and Ted's sister.

 Casey working hard.
Sherri, and the Munchkin crew.
 More family jumping in to help.
 Group photo.
 Got some fish and chips here on the way home.
What a super way to spend the weekend! Thanks to everyone who helped, 

Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Lucin Sun Tunnels

I'm on my way to see the Lucin Sun Tunnels which are in northern Utah, near the Nevada border. I ride west toward Wendover.

Along the way I make a comfort stop and see this helmet sitting on the jersey barrier, as I ride away I realize that I didn't check inside the helmet to see if there was a head in it.

I pass Wendover Will..

A few miles after Wendover I leave the pavement and start on the dirt portion. After about 35 miles of dirt I come to this place; Area 52 aka Horseshoe Flats.

..........and there is the UFO...
 I pass this memorial...

and then stop for an excellent BLT at this place in Montello, Nevada. Some locals give me super directions on how to find the Sun Tunnels.

On my way to the Sun Tunnels I see these ruins from and old mine.

These are some tunnels.... but not the right ones..

And here are the right ones; 

The Sun Tunnels were created by Nancy Holt, and completed in 1976. There are four tunnels, one for Dracus, Perseus, Columba, and Capricorn. There are holes drilled in the concrete tunnel to correspond with certain celestial constellations.

The tunnels line up with the rising and setting sun on Summer and Winter Solstices.

As you can see the Sun Tunnels are in the middle of nowhere...but the peace and quiet was very nice. I wished I had more time to enjoy the feeling of the place.

I snap some pictures then.... I'm on my way home. 
A nice day of riding. About 425 miles total, 90 of that on dirt roads.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

5 National Parks tour, aka Scenic overload! (day 1,2)

Bev and I take a tour of Utah's five National Parks.
The NPs are very scenic, but the roads we will ride getting to each NP are almost as jaw-dropping...more so in some cases. We didn't do any hiking in the parks...we only had 5 days to do this ride, to fully explore the parks would take weeks, if not months. So we mostly rode and snapped pics.
The five National Parks (in the order of our visit) are;
1 - Canyonlands
2 - Arches
3 - Capital Reef
4 - Bryce Canyon
5 - Zion
Anyway, here is our 5 NP tour;

We ride toward Moab.....

......but first make a stop at Canyonlands NP.....

Green River overlook.

Grandview overlook.

We exit Canyonlands NP and cross the street to Arches NP......
I'm such a rebel!!
Devils Garden.
Photo ops everywhere...

We leave Arches and ride to Moab where we will stay overnight.
The next morning we ride the excellent SR 128..... the equally excellent La Sal Loop road.
We're riding toward a snow storm...and soon enough we're riding IN snow... didn't get any pictures of the snow covered road...
After the La Sal Loop we ride the SR 211 to Newspaper Rock...
Then we take a seldom used shortcut to Monticello....and run into more rain, sleet, and snow.
We finally reach our destination for the night, the Stone Lizard Motel in Blanding. They have a very nice garden to sit in and reflect on your day.....
.......including a stone alter but we couldn't find a virgin to sacrifice...
So we just go to bed..
Day 3 and 4 in the next post.