Thursday, March 12, 2020

15 Best Roads in America part 1

I've decided to participate in SCMA's 15 Best Roads in America ride this year.
(Southern California Motorcycle Association)
The first four roads I'm going to do are in Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico.
One of those roads is the Geronimo Trail in NM. Master welder Mr. Sanchez here in West Valley City has created a bust of Chief Joseph of the Nez Pierce Indians.....I figure that bust would set a good tone for this ride.

On my planned route I will be traveling through Pie Town, New Mexico. I make an invitation on the Tenere forum for other riders to meet me there and enjoy a delicious pie for lunch. 

Mark, aka MAK10 from Idaho joins me for the ride down. Our first photo op is in front of the famous Sinclair building in Elberta, Utah.

Then we stop in Green River, Utah for a tasty bacon burger.

The first road on my list is The Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric hwy (Ut128)  from Cisco to Moab, Utah. We check out the 'ghost town' of Cisco.

Then make a photo stop to prove I was there.

After Moab we take a left at the LaSalle Jct and ride over to Norwood, Colorado. The next morning we ride #2 - The San Juan Skyway (Co145) Placerville to Cortez, Colorado.

Then we motor back into Utah where we start #3 Monument Valley - Bluff, Utah to Kayenta, Arizona.
Proving I was Mexican Hat.

Overnighting in Springerville, Arizona we leave the next morning for our lunch date at the Gathering Place in Pie Town, New Mexico.

Mark, Glen, and Garry.
Glen resides in Illinois, Garry Ontario Canada, but they are both wintering in Arizona. They had a LONG ride to meet us for lunch and make it back home.

You are right....there are no pies in this picture......

There you go....

After lunch we split up. Mark rides homeward, north. Garry and Glen ride off into the sunset....west. I ride south to Las Cruces, New Mexico.
Rest stop..

In the morning I backtrack to Hatch, NM where ride #4 The Geronimo Trail starts.

And it was a RAINY I didn't get many pics but here is one, Hillsboro was a great little town that I would like to spend more time in.

From Hillsboro I ride to Silver City, NM and finish the ride. Then riding to Pinetop, Arizona I stay for two nights in a comfy condo.....
......which is really nice since I'm soaked from the all day rain. 

Riding home after those two days, I'm again in solid rain to Kayenta, Az, and rain AGAIN on the last day from there to home.
Oh was still a GREAT ride!
2400 miles, 4 of 15 roads

Thursday, February 13, 2020

2020 World Vision Challenge

The 2020 World Vision Challenge
Make the World a better looking place

Easy, very inexpensive, rewarding!

The 2020 World Vision Challenge is an easy way for each of us to improve the way the World looks.

How do you participate? Simply do this;
Buy a box of small garbage bags to keep on your bike.
*The small bags fill quickly and are easier to fit in the nearest garbage can.*
When you are on a ride, whether a day ride or on a multi-day trip, resolve that at least once each day you will use a bag and pick up some of the refuse you see on one of your stops. Then put the bag in a proper receptacle, and voila! Just like that YOU have improved the way the world looks!
Each of us doing a little bit will make a huge change in the World!

I've been doing this for a few years now and have used different type of bags, but this is what I have purchased most recently;

They cost $6.00 for two boxes (50 bags).

Thanks for looking at my 'World Challenge' I hope you join in on the effort to make the whole World look better and by so doing improve the look of your part of the World!

Best regards, and safe journeys,

ps. If you participate in my challenge, please come back here and leave a comment...I'd love to hear about it!

Friday, December 20, 2019

Why not?

I'm suffering from PMS, which as all motorcyclists know stands for "Parked Motorcycle Syndrome"...yep I've got it bad. Maybe even worse than I had realized, because when I mention to Bev that I'm thinking about going south for a ride, she immediately says "Yes! You should go and have fun...."    (hmmmmmm)

So ok that's settled. The only place I can get a condo that is near enough for my time frame is Lake Havasu, so just like that everything is settled and waiting for me to go.

Bev says, "It might be bad weather, I wish you would trailer down".  So I get the trailer ready and sure enough the morning of my departure there was 3 inches of snow on the roads.... whew! So I have a warm and comfy 571 mile drive to Havasu.

I had put a post on the Tenere site asking if anyone in that area wants to do lunch. Garry (who winters in Arizona) gives a positive reply.  Garry and I did the same thing last year in Tombstone, Arizona.

Sweet! We'll meet in Why, Arizona

Garry and this guy were waiting for me when I arrived. Garry had beat me there by about a minute...pretty funny that we arrive a minute apart when you consider the distance we rode to get there. 250 miles for me and 160ish for Garry.

The white building in the back is Grannymacs kitchen where we ate.

The next day I take a short ride around Lake Havasu and onto the island.

The London Bridge

A few of the many lighthouse replicas on the Lake Havasu island

Next day I ride to Oatman to do some Christmas shopping...and have good success finding a couple gifts.

Then on the awesome road that goes to Cool Springs (RT 66) and stop at the equally cool museum for a cool drink!

I spot this shiny thing as I'm riding toward Cool Springs. It is a ways off the road and looks like a memorial to someone's departed friend or family. It is kind of different, but loaded with personality. RIP whoever you are.

And its time to go home.
I pack my stuff and load the bike on the trailer and make the 571 mile drive home.
This was a good trip, and Thanks Bev for 'making' me take the trailer!

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Spur of the moment ride

Thursday 11:55 am I'm enjoying a cuppa and a bagel....when I suddenly think, 'why don't I take an  overnight bike ride?'  A few minutes later I make a phone call and get a kitchen pass.
20 minutes after that I'm rolling out of the garage on the bike.

Since I started so late, and the winter days are short I only make it to Circleville before darkness starts closing in.
I've stayed here before, but they have new owners since July....and the place, nice to start with, is MUCH improved and more energized.
I had a nice meal and a comfortable stay overnight.

The next day takes me through Panguitch..

Then to Red Canyon...

and into the banana belt...  Tropic, Utah.

After Escalante I turn off of SR 12 and ride Hell's Backbone, which takes me back to Escalante after 40 miles of mostly nice dirt, with a couple 'seat clencher' moments just for fun...

I spend my second night in Salina, then head for home.

Gunnison's Veteran's memorial.

It turned out to be a nice spur of the moment ride, 650ish miles and fairly decent temps...
Motorcycling is good fun!

Monday, October 28, 2019

So Ut jaunt

I take off for Southern Utah and maybe some Nevada on a Wednesday.
The plan was to stay for 3 maybe 4 days, but when I call home the first night Bev is quite ill so I get up the next morning and head for home. I can't really do anything useful to help her, but its not fun to be sick and we hang out watching TV.
The shows we watched weren't that great, but the company was good! :)

But back to my 'trip'.
I ride through Milford, a small and nice, quiet town of friendly people.

A stop at Parawan Gap to see the petroglyphs is in order.

Drawings on both sides of the road...

Then to Kolob Canyon, part of Zion National Park.

And I grab a hotel, then book it home the next day.
Quickies can be good too.....this was a nice ride!