Sunday, August 23, 2015

Global warming ride

I'm fascinated by Lake Bonneville.
Lake Bonneville was a pre-historic lake that covered a large portion of Utah. Some scientists think the lake has formed, dried up and reformed numerous times over the last 800 thousand years; proving once and for all that human caused climate change is the most important issue in our lives today..

Anyway, the lake was several hundred feet deep, at one point it was a thousand feet deep. About 14,500 years ago this pass where I am standing was not a pass, but a ridge line, then when the lake reached its highest point it broke through this place and caused a flood that lasted about a year and reached the west coast via the Columbia River.

I have long wanted to see this place, but didn't know exactly where it was. Luckily Adrian knows where it is and agrees to lead me there.

I can't get the entire pass in one shot so I take two pix standing in the same place to try and give an idea of how large the break was. The lake lowered  about 350 feet in one year, the water flow was several times the flow of the Amazon river for that year.

The rocky outcropping on the left......
To the rocky outcropping on the right.

Some details.

 Then we go for a burger....but BOTH restrooms at this place were out of order, so we moved about 300 feet east.........
 to this place that had a working restroom, and enjoyed a delicious Swiss cheese mushroom burger.

What a great day of riding, I don't know how many miles....350 maybe, I was lost alot of the day as I had never been on most of the roads we rode on.
Thanks Adrian for helping me check one more thing off my bucket list!

The good part of the ride as I remember it...

Thursday, August 20, 2015

To Hell and back.

I want to scout a location for next years V-Strom Cache Rally.

Don, aka Nvr2old has suggested an RV park in Enterprise, Oregon. Of course all this is just another weak excuse to go for a ride, but a weak excuse is better than no excuse, so off I go. I'll  meet Don at Enterprise, and he will show me some of the good riding in the area (using a map, we won't have time on this trip to actually ride them).

((The 3rd annual Cache Rally will be held in Enterprise. If you ride you are welcome to join us June 25 - 26, 2016))

Unfortunately from my house to Boise, Idaho is the Black Hole of motorcycling...there is no good choice, but it is the quickest way to Oregon. maps (at the end of this post) start and end at the Freeway so I can show the good riding. 

Enterprise is a goodly distance from my house, so I make it a two day ride. I ride 400 miles and then stop in Sand Hollow, Idaho for the first night.

The one eatery in Sand Hollow. You could stop here for the friendly conversation, the waitresses pretty smile or her bounteous cleavage, but don't stop here expecting a tasty meal.

Cooking breakfast the next morning.

And on my way to Enterprise via Hells Canyon,...what an AWESOME  ride!

But you have to watch for cattle on the road because it's an open range..

This is the place Don suggested, and he is waiting for me when I pull through the gate.

We'll share this cabin tent for the (cold) night.

But before we retire, we visit Joseph, 8 miles to the south.
Joseph is known for the numerous brass statues all over town. You can order a brass statue for your yard at this place. They are reasonably priced...order 2 while your at it..

A few of the statues;

I think she is ..........

......checking out this lean and rippled, manly stud.
And finally, Chief Joseph.

A mural in town. 

The next morning I head for home, Don has told me a cool route for part of my return trip; we ride the first of it together, then split up and go opposite directions for our homes. The route then takes me through Cove, Oregon.

An unusual design for an LDS Chapel.

600 miles later I roll into my garage. 1300 miles (and  some change) all told, and a super ride.
Maps of day one and two;
and day three

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

West coast V-Strom rally

Another rally, this time the West Coast V-Strom Rally - Hosted by Hans aka NoDad.
The rally is to be held at Fortuna, California July10 - 12. I leave Wednesday the 8th for my ride over.

I decide to take highway 50 west from Ely to Reno. To get to Ely I take the Super-Straight, Super-Boring, Super-Flat, Super-Slab across the Salt Flats to Wendover, Nevada.

Shades of 1860!!
 I pass an old Pony Express Station in Nevada and am surprised to see this ghost rider galloping across the desert.... Yippee-yio-ki-Yaaaaaaaaaa!

On my way again..

And on to highway 50 the Loneliest Highway in America.
I stop a few miles before Austin, Nevada at some natural hot springs...I think I'll camp here for the night.
You can see one of the springs in the back ground.
It was a good night and a good is good!

Not always..... 

Next morning I'm back on the Loneliest Highway and nearing Reno I run into a hailstorm.
Myself, a couple other riders and several cars take refuge in this tunnel. The hailstorm makes me aware I forgot to pack a coat!

This is the 4th second hand store I've stopped at trying to find me a cheap coat.
The sign on the door warns shoppers that, "Cats are inside". About 20 cats are inside...........alllllllllllll over the place. But I'm freezing, desperate and need to find a coat so I shop......
I find the ugliest coat in the world, brush some cat hairs off it and plop down some 'green'....
I was very happy the rest of the trip to have that ugly coat!
Ugly eh?

 Later that afternoon I make it to the rally camp site and set up camp.
Breakfast the next morning.

The group meets for one of the organized rides. One of the riders is skipping his Mother-in-law's birthday to go on the ride. He hopes this gesture will appease her.... :)

I'm not a fan of large group rides, so two other like minded Strommers and I go off on our own. 
Don (red coat) knows this area a little and takes Sharky and I on a spectacular ride through the incredible hills above Garberville.

It's a foggy day.

I go to both dinners, win a ton of swag, and generally have a real good time.
Sunday I leave for home via Oregon.

Some elk are waiting for school to commence...

A momma feeds her pre-schooler while waiting...

Back on the road I stop here for the worst bisquits and gravy I've ever had.
But, notice the two bicycles?

They belong to these two cuties, Mia and Nickola.
They are riding from BC, Canada to San Francisco.....WOW!
We had a very pleasant conversation outside the cafe, I enjoyed immensely chatting with those two!
Before we parted they advised me to take the Newton Drury scenic road.......I did and wasn't disappointed, Thanks for the advise Ladies!
 The a'fore mentioned road.

Annnnnnd.........the coast!

Beaky's first time here so we stop for a pic.

This was a rainy, and hail-ee trip.... My frogs togs didn't let me down, nor did my BUMOT panniers.
2,236 miles. Nice dinner and rally, great riding!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

V-Strom Cache rally 2015

The V-Strom Cache rally is the weekend of June 27 so I leave Thursday heading north and will eventually end up in Victor, Idaho  -  the rally site.

On my way I see this cool barn near Huntsville, Utah;
Lady Liberty and Beaky...I love them both!
I arrive at the Teton Valley RV park and set up camp.

On Friday Jude, Andreas, Don, Phil and I go for a super ride.

This is at Warm River...the fish are thick, unfortunately I don't have an underwater camera...

 Then to Mesa Falls.

 And on our way back to our rally site we stop for some refreshment...I see "Huckleberry shake" on the menu and can't resist!
 The next day the rest of the rally goers show up. Bob rides all the way from Virginia to bring the Cache!

L to R
Don, Bruce, Steve, Bob (holding the Cache), Jude, Andreas, Doug, Phil, Yours truly.
 Andreas (back to camera) surprises us by bringing some chicken and a bag of hamburger patties! We all pitch in with condiments etc and his contribution ends up feeding the group for two nights! 
Our camp site.

 Saturday we go for a short 110 mile ride.
 We stop at Alpine, Wyoming and decide to extend our ride .. 
 We stop at Henry, Idaho and decide to extend our ride... 
 We stop for gas at Soda Springs, Idaho and decide to extend our ride..... 
 We eat at Montpelier, Idaho and then head back north. Our short '110 mile ride' is nearly 300 miles when we are done. And it was a GREAT ride!
Back at the rv park Bob does the Cache hand off  to Phil.
 Don's tent gets an unwelcome visitor...Doug assists with the First Annual Great Mouse Hunt!
Who in their right mind would go to Victor, without visiting the Emporium and having a Huckleberry shake? 
Not these guys;
Don, Me, Steve and Phil enjoy a shake and some great conversation.
Was a super way to spend a long weekend! 1135 miles for me, and a TON-O-FUN riding, visiting, and eating with good friends.