Monday, July 15, 2019

Maine to home - part 2

So I depart Madawaska and ride south, I thought this church was photo worthy.

One of numerous Amish conveyances I saw in the next few days.

The Blue Church "burying ground" was first established in the 1780s and is one of the oldest functioning cemeteries in Ontario.

A war memorial just before Kingston.

And then I was on the bridge back into the States.

Two days later I'm on the Mackinac bridge into the Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

I ride through in the movie "Escanaba in da moonlight" of my favorites.


Westbound the next morning I pass the Porter Sculpture park in South Dakota and stop in for some pix.

Another view..

Never trust a vulture carrying an anvil...

The dragon is about 15 feet tall.

I would guess the horse is 50 feet tall.

tee hee hee......

The 60 foot bull

On the road again I see this place. I didn't go in and see what kind of implements they have....

Flooded road, actually kind of deep, almost too deep for the Tenere, I don't think any cruiser could go through without sucking in some water.

And lastly for this post, a cool bridge.

8,000 miles so far, I should reach Colorado tomorrow.

Friday, July 5, 2019

Maine to Home - part 1

So Bev takes off in a plane for home and I take on the bike off from Bangor...I haven't really made a plan yet, but I'm working on it as I ride.

I DID have a plan to ride the Lincoln Highway home, but the long term weather forecast called for a LOT rain along that road.
Sooo...I decide to change my route.

Hiding in the haze is Mt. Katahdin, the highest peak in Maine, and the northern terminus of the Appalachian trail.

Next in my non-plan is the Solar System Model built by the Good People of Aroostook County, Maine.
The scale of this model is 1 = 93,000,000

I stopped at all the planets, of course I was traveling several times faster than light it only took me a couple hours. The model is over 40 miles long.



Uranus is missing, I used both hands butt still couldn't find it.



The Sun...unfortunately the building the Sun is in was locked.

This is the "Sun" building.

Continuing on I rode to Madawaska, Maine - one of the four corners of the U.S.

In Madawaska is the Four Corners Park. 
And, the only monument dedicated to the long distance rider.

When I arrived these three lovely women were taking their photos in front of the monument.
GYP-Z, CURVZ, and THRAPY, are riding the four corners of Maine.
I snapped a couple pix for them and then they were back on the road again.

And they took a couple for me as well.

Taking a moment to remember riding buddies that have past on to smoother roads.

About 4700 miles so far on this trip...  more in part 2 
(if I can figure out where I'm going tonight...)

Nova Scotia - part 4

We stayed two nights in Bangor. The second day we visit the excellent Cole family museum.

And Bev flies out the next day, I leave for the ride home.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Nova Scotia - part 3

Left from Cape Brenton towards the causeway to exit the Cape.  Both headlight bulbs burned out so we made a stop at the Canadian Tire store to change the bulbs. 

Back on the road with blazing lights through the fog.
We had hard rain all the way to our next stop.

Our destination, the Black Duck B&B Inn had an amazing view.  The owner, Gloria, let us put all the wet clothing in front of the wood burning stove for the night.  Due to the all day of rain it really needed a good drying.  We were cold so she heated us some cranberry herbal tea and some biscuits.  It really warmed us up. 

In the morning, we left Port Dufferin and made our way to Digby for our last night in Nova Scotia.
The next day we boarded the Bay Ferry for our journey over to New Brunswick.  It was a nice ride.  The boat had an escalator and several levels for vehicles and people.   

Ken boarding the boat.

While on the ship, there was a display of several ocean birds.  This was pretty cool.  At noon, they did a presentation on whales.  We saw several porpoises in the ocean.   

We made it to New Brunswick.  
St. John's is where we landed.  The GPS took us to the freeway to head to our next location which was St. Andrews.

Pink Cadillac and trailer on the way to St. Andrews.

We went downtown for dinner.  It is a small island with shops and whale watching trips.

We stayed at Tara Manor for the night.  

A decommissioned lighthouse on the bay.

Cool hotel in town.

Very pink house in St. Andrews.
 (maybe where the owner of the pink Cadillac lives...)

We left St. Andrews and headed to St. Stephen where we fueled up and headed across the boarder into Maine.  

Many nice churches along the way.  In New Brunswick and in Maine.

The coastal road from the boarder to Bangor was our route.  This is where we stopped for lunch.

We didn't see the frightened man in the window before we went in for lunch.  
He must not have had the same waitress that we had.  We had a great meal and excellent service.

More beautiful churches. 

More in part - 4