Thursday, May 26, 2022

2023 (1) US 15 Best

We have a busy summer planned. I signed up for two of the SCMA, Southern California Motorcycle Association rides. The two are; the US 15 best, 20 roads, yes 20 are on the list this year. A rider only has to ride 15 to get the award, so you just choose 15 out of that list. The second is the California 15 Best. 
We made plans galore!

However, we have received so much snow this winter and spring that some of our first trips had to be canceled or postponed.  I think we had to change or ax a total of 5 different trips. 
"The best laid plans...."

 With the date of this trip getting closer,  checking the long range forecast it looked like we would get hosed by Mother Nature once again!

But the weather held and we were able to start on the 15 best list.
The first road on our list happened to be SR 128 from Cisco to Moab. SR 128 is a quiet two lane that follows the Colorado river from Cisco to Moab. With gentle sweepers, the wide river on one side and red rock formations on the other, it is a breathtakingly scenic road!

To begin the 'bagging' process I stopped at Thompson Springs 7-Eleven to get gas and a receipt. Then continued down the freeway to the start of the 128.

 Mile 17 JJs Mercantile which is, oddly enough, 17 miles away from Moab on the 128.

This was in our room in Moab so obviously we had to have a playoff for the World Championship, it was a good  series (2 out of 3)  I won't say who won, after all it's more important that almost both sides showed good sportsmanship.

And looking off our deck at late afternoon, then again in the morning. Utah's Red Rock country is full of incredibly Scenic Vistas!

Speaking of morning, at the break of midmorning we'll set off for Pagosa Springs. Bev will take the shorter route, and I will ride a few extra miles and bag CO 145 on my way.

A quick stop at the LaSalle post office for a picture with the Cache.

 Colorado 145 is definitely a worthy inclusion on the U.S. 15 Best. 
My gas receipts

While gassing up to get the first receipt in Norwood Colorado I met this fellow.  This is Bill, Bill restored this cb500 and it is absolutely beautiful. The bike is spotless there's not a speck of grease or dirt on it. He also built his panniers out of Aspen wood as he wanted strength and lightweight. 

Bill if you are reading this I forgot to invite you to the Cache rally in New Mexico on June 5th through the 10th at the Silver City koa. If you get on Facebook and search Cache Gathering or Rally you should be able to get some information about it. Hope to see you there!
( anyone else reading this who has a motorcycle and an itch to ride is also invited to the Cache Rally)

Lizard head pass somewhere along the 145
The snow has its own Beauty but once it melts the Lush greenery, and rugged mountains are a beautiful sight to behold!

While getting my ending gas receipt and eating a sandwich at the Maverick. A woman pulled in with this truck and small sailboat. One of the wires to her brake lights on the trailer was dragging on the ground it was still hooked up and working, but would soon wear out dragging on the ground like that. I let her know about the dragging wire and offered her a wire tie. We were able to secure the brake wire back up on her trailer so it wouldn't wear out. 

And just like that my good deed for the day is done!

We arrive at our lodging in Pagosa Springs and have a restful night. This scene greeted us in the morning off our back deck.

So we put Pagosa Springs in our rear view mirrors and headed off for Bishop's Castle. Unfortunately we spent too much time visiting with people we met along the way and when we got to Walsenburg, before Bishop's Castle we decided an hour and a half ride round trip plus the visiting time at the castle would put us too far behind our days plans. So regrettably we went East instead toward La Junta. 

On our way there we stopped at a gas station where I saw this 78 Ford pickup and the young man driving it. I walked over and asked him about his truck. He said his father had given it to him when it was well used and a little bit beat up. 
 But he had done the body and had it painted and it's looking pretty darn good now. He has much more that he wants to do, but that will happen eventually.
This is Kade, I don't know if Cade is spelled with a K or a C but either way this is an impressive young man not only in the way he speaks but how he presents himself and unless I'm a poor judge of character he's also has a very good work ethic. I'm sure his parents are very proud of him
You know sometimes the future looks very very good!

On our way to what eventually was La junta Co Bev snapped some pictures of me on the 160

La Junta.
With dark clouds gathering we were able to find a hotel in La Junta just before the storm broke.
I got a picture with the Cache ala the Cache rally.

So the storm we barely missed the night before continued on the next day with toad strangler rainstorms and scarily strong winds!
With the strong winds and the sideways rain, visibility was so poor at times I was down to 40 mph and over in the emergency Lane. Not sure that's the right way to handle it but I didn't feel good about being in the lane that I was sharing with semi trucks.
Beverly and I had become separated so my rear guard was not there.

Arriving at Dodge City we decided to grab some lunch. While in the restaurant we saw on the TV that there were tornado warnings and storm warnings all around us.

The Boot Hill Museum at Dodge  City
After hearing the storm warnings we decided it was time to get outta Dodge and get back on the road.
We motored on through the winds and rain to Kingman Kansas where we'll stay the night.

I wasn't the only knucklehead out riding in the bad weather.

And this ends part 1 of our first trip to bag the US 15 best. We'll go to Branson Missouri for a couple of days then continue on to pick up more roads. 
Thanks for reading!

LIFE IS sometimes wet and brain scrambling windy, but still GOOD!!!!

Monday, May 23, 2022

Riding east for a change

As mentioned before I'm doing the SCMA California Triple Crown.

Additionally I also signed  up for the 15 Best roads in the US.

I got started on those this week. I'll be snagging three roads; UT 128, Colo 145, and New Mexico's enchanted circle that goes around Taos.

The place to begin these roads is in Moab, Utah.

This is the Beautiful Sr 128 from Cisco to Moab.

Next I rode to Norwood Colorado, where I spent the night in the Norwood Hotel (highly recommended) then got up to ride the Dolores Canyon Road from Placerville to Cortez Colorado.

Next road is the Enchanted Circle. The Enchanted Circle goes around Taos New Mexico.

Here's a sign for the Enchanted Circle road....unfortuantly it's not enchanted enough to keep from getting shot at.
When I stopped at this post office to get the required picture these gentleman stopped and talked to me for a while so I included them in the picture. Both very nice gentleman..the second man is hidden behind my windscreen.
There is a very nice Vietnam Veterans Memorial along the Route however rain was threatening so I only stopped for a moment for these few pictures.

And that's it for this trip. 
I was able to mark off three roads which is a good start on the 15 US best. 
Thanks for reading!

Saturday, May 14, 2022

May in So Cal

The second week in May I'm able to go to Indio, California again to check off more Triple Crown targets.

Cabrillo National Monument. If you look hard enough through the haze you can see what I'm pretty sure is San Diego

Row after row after row after..... 😢

San Diego de Acala Mission

A lonely road....

Mecca, California

Santa Rosa San Jacinto Mt National Monument

Riding through Coachella I see this statue...the compound was locked up tight and there were no signs telling its purpose.

Bev followed me in the car on the way to Indio and again on the way home. We stopped in Joshua NP for a photo op,

And on our way home we stopped at a rest stop and met these to two lovely ladies from France. A Mother and Daughter, and they were so pleasant to chat with... I even offered to take mom on a ride, but she (probably wisely) declined.  😀
They are in the States for three weeks I hope they enjoy their time in our country!

And another stop this time for gas ($8.00 per gallon) ((I should have gotten gas at Amboy, but didn't)) so I stopped at a Chevron between Amboy and Searchlight...hence the high price. I only got a gallon and a half - enough to get me to Searchlight.

While there this guy, Steve struck up an enjoyable conversation.
He lives in Az and rides that beautiful 'busa. 
If I were going to give Steve a nickname it would be simply; 
Steve the Speed!

So another foray into So Cal in search of the Triple Crown comes to a close. Next I'll start getting the north and middle Cal roads, Parks, and Missions.

Thanks for reading!