Friday, August 26, 2011

Northwest romp part 1

The Northwest Nomad rally was to be held in Crecent City, California. I was going, then not going...back and forth. Then I was able to get the time off....but found out a wedding was happening that weekend that I didn't want to miss! So my plans were in a constant state of flux, but really...I didn't care where I was riding to, as long as I was riding.

So, Saturday morning I met Jared, Quin, Jason and David in Salt Lake and we set out for Pendleton Oregon. What, you say?!? Pendleton is not on the way to Crecent City? And you are right, we are taking the 'Biker's shortcut'! David had Saturday obligations so he would only ride with us for a short time. I had decided I would only stay with the group for two days and then go on my own way to my obligations.

At a gas stop near Pendleton.

Rest stop just a few miles out of Pendleton.

L to R: Jared, Quin, Jason, Me. Where was Jared hurrying off to you ask?

Looking out from our hotel's (second level, very shaky) parking lot.

Pendleton streets.

The next morning, on our way to visit Mt Saint Helens.

We need to cross this bridge, and go into Washington.

Carson, Washinton, We'll go north from here, make a stop in Randle for lunch, then to the Mt Saint Helens site.

On the road to the site. The devastion from the May 18, 1980 eruption is incredible!

Logs blown here from the blast cover a good part of this lake.

Mt Saint Helens.

The steps leading to the view area...I lost count at 320 and we estimated at least 100 steps remained. I was slightly out of breath at the top.

This tells of two very lucky people who were in a plane over the volcano when it erupted, they survived and the photos they took aided in the study of the event. We go to Portland for the night.

Northwest romp part 2

I rode in this area about 10 years ago, and saw the signs advertising the Spruce Goose, but didn't go to it then. I've kicked myself ever since, so when I saw it this time I HAD to go see it. I stopped and told Jared to go on I was going to spend some time here. We were going to part ways in about a 100 miles anyway so it was not a big deal.
They have more than just airplanes on exhibit, but almost everything is aero-themed. Even the bathrooms have a bombers seat and sight glass. (jk).

It's pretty hard to get the whole Spruce Goose in one picture.

Here is a model that was used in a movie.

Showing the Goose's reletive size compared to modern planes.

Luxurious accomodations inside the Ford Tri-Motor.

See the control cables outside the plane?

A DC 3 nestled all comfy under the Goose's wing.

Take a guess at what this is....yep, you're Wright!

Eye candy!

No introduction needed.

The driveway/landing strip leading in....

and leading out.

After a few hours at the museum I get back on SR 18 and head for the coast

There it is! Like so many people I love to watch and hear the ocean.

This guy came by and wanted to chat, but I had miles to go before I sleep.

I stopped to eat here, but they had no clam chowder on the menu! What?!? So I went down the road to Jack's place for some wonderful pics. :(

I stopped again to watch the ocean. I was considering where I would spend the night, I really didn't want to get a room on the coast as they are so expensive. So would I go inland here, or go farther down 101 then go inland?

As I was mulling over my options, in the park came two bikers; meet Nina and Tea. They live near Eugene, and were out for a ride. We talked for a while, and they invited me to spend the night at their house! How could I say no?

Plus...they were having a oyster bake that night with Nina's Godmother and her friend, and I was invited to that as well. could I refuse? So off we went to the oyster farm.

Oysters bought and iced, we then left for Tea and Nina's house.

This isn't it....just a place I saw on the way. You'll have to go to part three to see their house.