Thursday, January 9, 2014

V-Strom Cache Rally

I've posted about the V-Strom Cache before


and probably more that I don't remember about.

So you can see the Cache is something I get excited about.....actually it's the riding and getting to meet other riders that is the fun part. The Cache is simply a tool to encourage us to do that.

It's been a long winter already, and with cabin fever setting in I was thinking..... it would be fun to host a Cache Rally.
Here are the details (so far);

The Strom Cache Rally

Who is eligible to attend?
Those who have carried the Cache.
Those who want to carry the Cache.
Anyone who has heard about the Cache.
and finally,
Everyone else who is alive and has a bike.....or at least the bike part.

Location - McCall Idaho
Date - June 26 - 29, 2014
Rides - TBA
Group dinner Friday and Saturday night.
Edit to add;
If you're coming, bring hiking shoes and hot-tub attire as some natural hot springs are nearby.

As you can see, one does not need to be a strom rider or cache carrier to attend, once again, it is about the ride and rubbing shoulders with other riders.
Just a few hand off pictures;
Satch and Andreas, Elberta, Utah
Gen and the Cache
MedPlt and Swany, Las Vegas
Tombstone and Jdubyap, Lake Havasu, Arizona
Vegashotwheeler and Notacop. California
Blake and

Jspssinthru and Daywalker
 Jspsnthru and Tvilletrooper at 9000 feet.
Tombstone and Blake, Austin Nevada
Grim and Tombstone, Grand Junction, Colorado

More info will be coming........