Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Beverly, Bison Ranch and Beyond..

 Bev and I decide to take a week and go south. Bison Ranch, where we decide to go, is near Show Low, Arizona.

Bev is going to drive and I'll ride, because at the end of the week she will return home and I'll wander south and east to bag a few of the "15 Best roads in America" that SCMA puts on each year.

The bike is packed and I'm all set to go, aaaaaaaaaaand it is snowing! That's ok, I hit the road anyway and hope the Sun will soon show his face and warm up the roads..... I rode through a few squalls on the way to Moab. 

After Green River I ride the excellent SR 128 and then go through the "Ghost town" of Cisco on my way to Moab.

The annual Easter 4 wheel drive gathering is taking place so Moab is even more crowded than usual, but Bev manages to find me a room at this B&B. Bill and Tammy run an awesome BnB!!

Beds and Bagels

The next day at the break of mid-morning I'm loading the bike and waiting for the Sun to warm things up when I pull a real bone-headed move; I lock the BnB key inside my room before I have all my gear out...Good Grief!!

Bill and Tammy don't normally hang out at the BnB so I was kinda stuck. I sent an email to their online site and luckily Tammy saw it and just a few minutes later all was right in the world.

Off I went to ride the cool La Sal loop, at least as far as the snow would let me.

This was where I turned around.

Next up was the Needles overlook south of Moab several miles. The out-of-the-way round trip is about 40 miles, but it is well worth it!

Then I meet Bev in Bluff, Utah where we stay overnight. The next day I follow her to Bison Ranch, but on our way she snaps this pic.

During our stay at Bison Ranch we take a drive on the "Devils Tail" aka US 191.
Near Clifton, Az is the Morenci mine. We stop at the mine overlook and across the way is a train that was parked by a cliff....several rocks had fallen and hit this train car.

Then we drive down to Clifton and check out the historic part of that cool town.

So our week in Bison Ranch is over and Bev has driven home.
I'll spend the next two weeks doing the following rides; 
first I ride to New Mexico to ride the Geronimo Trail (no pix), then to Texas to enjoy the Twisted Sisters....

Then to Mississippi to ride the Natchez Trace.

Following that I go to Arkansas to ride the Pig Trail.

One of several lunch stops.

And now I'm on my way home.

I can't remember what this town is....Kingman, Kansas maybe...

A nice ride, many cold days and a couple pleasant days. I was ready to be home, so the last day I ride 450 miles from Pagosa Springs, Colorado to home arriving at 5pm.
4,909 miles. Some of these pix will show up in the "15 Best Roads" post when I finally get them all done.

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Dancing and riding...

Noooooo, I'm not dancing! 

My Grand-daughters are into dancing. Every year for several years they have been going to St George in March for a dance competition....this year is no different other than I went with them this year. Well.....when I say I went with them I mean I rode down and then rode around the area while they were dancing.

SR 14 near Cedar City...brrrrr!

The Incredibly beautiful Zion National Park

More Zion NP

Somewhere east of St George....a license plate pole!

And are there really ZOMBIES in Southern Utah??????

On my way home, about 50 miles out of Delta the weather got very ugly. By the time I reached Delta I was cold....nothing I haven't been through before, but it was a cold wet day.

So I pulled into the Maverick gas station on the east side of town and I had just finished fueling when a woman approached me and asked with obvious concern, "Are you alright?"
I assured her I was fine, then she said, "Here you take these" and she held out two packages of handwarmers!
I told her I really was 'ok' but she insisted, so I took them, we chatted for a brief minute and she left.

I then pulled the bike up to the store curb and went inside to get a cuppa and a burrito. Standing outside I had scarcely finished my burrito when I heard a male voice say, "Here Sir, these will help you out".  I turned my head and a 30 something guy was holding out two packages of handwarmers!
Again, I assured the man that I was in good shape with electric gear etc. He made certain I was ok, then he said, "have a safe trip" and then left.

I might have been shivering a little bit, but at least my heart was very warm due to the kindness of those two Strangers!

And I WAS cold and it WAS snowing hard enough that I got a room in Delta and rode home the next day in better weather......30 degrees, but at least it wasn't snowing!

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Arizona liver loop - part 1

 Good Grief!!! I haven't been on a decent ride for ages! When Bev "suggests" I might do well to get out of the house for a while......I take the hint and load the bike.

I ride the US 89 to St George, Ut.

Don't you think that route looks a bit like a liver....or maybe a it's a lung, I got an A in Anatomy, but that was a looooong time ago.

The roads are mostly dry to St. George, bbbbut it is a ccccold ride....it is February 8th after all.

I spend a day doing a little hiking and a lot of idling in Utah's Dixie.

Then I'm off toward Lake Havasu by way of Lake Mead then Chloride, Arizona. 

About 4 miles out of Chloride I spotted these keys in the dirt  and with two littered straws and a twig did this so hopefully the owner can find them.

Then on to Chloride

A tourist trap in Chloride.

I stop in the town park for lunch.
After lunch I ride thru Oatman and rest of the way to Lake Havasu for more hiking and idling...
Tomorrow I go farther south to Oro Valley.
(Check out part two)

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Arizona liver loop - part 2

I depart Lake Havasu before the Sun rises. About 20 miles later Mr sun makes his appearance as I'm crossing the Parker Bridge.

Oro Valley is 299 miles the fast way (aka the boring way), but that includes 120 miles of super slab.... So I take the bikers shortcut to avoid as much slab as possible and get there after about 360 miles...

While passing through Bouse, Arizona I see their WWII display and stop for a photo op.

Later another stop in Goodyear, Arizona to enjoy my lunch. This cool display was at the park.

Friday and Saturday are spent in beautiful Oro Valley. Temps are perfect for hiking so off I go on the trail in the wash behind my lodging.

You can't see the trail as it is quite a bit lower than the deck. Another pic looking back at my room.

And here are a couple more pix looking off the same deck at sunset.

The strange alien looking thing is a tree.... 👽😄 or maybe an alien camouflaged to look like a tree...

Sunday I depart for Heber-Overgard, Arizona. Another chilly day and I end up riding in a middling snow storm for 50ish miles.

I arrived at my lodging, Bison Ranch, and only to see these hooligans a-shooting up the town!

The condos are made to resemble an old west town, notice the authentic looking old west motor cars...

After a cold day of riding I was looking forward to a soak in the hot tub...but some moron dropped a wine glass in it and maintenance will have to drain and clean it up the broken glass  tomorrow.

Ohhh well....

More rambling in part III