Monday, June 10, 2024

Seeing is believing!!

 After two surgerys,  a couple of months of vision therapy, and six months of convalessing my battle with my vision seems to be over (at least I HOPE it is over), I'm finally able to ride again. I'll skip the boring details of what was wrong, suffice it to say I had a 'prism' that apparently was made worse by the unplanned dismount that occured in Alaska in 2015. So again...."finally"....I was able to  go on a longish trip on the bike.  (Sadly I didn't get out the camera as much as I usually do....there is definitely a shortage of pix in this post.)

We went to our son's place in Seaside, Oregon and had a SUPER visit with them. I (rode the Tenere)  stayed 3 days then had to get home for a follow up visit with the Doc. Beverly (drove the WRX) stayed several more days and continued to visit.

We made our first stop in Baker City, Oregon.  Sleep is elusive so at around midnight I hop in the car and take some pics of a few of the cool sculptures around Baker;

Mr. Scorpion should get a ticket for parking in a 'no parking' zone. Or...maybe he'll get a pass as he might a part of a ....sting ... to catch some bad guys.

Leaving Baker City, Beverly takes the fastest route to Seaside (freeway) while 

I pick a more scenic route that ends up leading me into some weather - rain and fog. When the fog grew heavy enough to make me nervous, I stopped at the first hotel I could find and hunkered down for the evening. I was actually less than 200 miles from Seaside - but fog...well you could say fog puts a hazy wet chill on my riding enjoyment.

Our view in Seaside

Chilling on the beach

Our visit in Seaside is LOADS of fun! 
We much, 
We sleep....... not enough,
and We smile and laugh.....until our faces muscles are tired!
Hanging out with family is soooooo much fun!

And then it is time for me to go home. Bev will stay for another few days. For my return trip, I want to relax and don't want to have to hurry so I plan on taking three days to make the (depending on your route, of course) 850/900 mile trip.

That first day I ride to Mitchell Oregon, which should have been a reletively short day of 275 miles but I take the bikers shortcut and I'm able to do that ride in only 323 fantastically curvy miles!!  

I stay the night at their hotel, a converted 90 year old house, which provided a welcome quiet night of good sleep. And the nearby eatery ("Tiger" something is all I can remember) provided some also very welcome bienvenida a la interacción personal because as it turned out I happened to sit next to a Mother and her adult son who, by an amazing coincidence both had the same names as my mother and I; "Ken" and "Mom".  I really enjoyed the excellent conversation and a pretty good burger as well!

Then its 5am the next morning and I can't get back to sleep, so I'm on the road a little after 6am, riding on a gusty-windy, intermintently rainy day through John Day - Boise - Twin Falls,  Wells, Nevada, and Wendover, making several stops for short naps and caffeine.... and then  finally home at 10:20pm....the return miles which (according to google maps) ends up being 678 is a good thing I decided to relax and take my time! LOL

During a gas stop at Wells I meet one of those families that just make you feel better about the future. Dave, his beautiful wife, and a van full of clean, well behaved children (I should add 'adventureous' children!) are off on a vacation to the Redwoods - Safe travels my friend! Darn it all, I didn't get a picture of the family!

Dave rides a Royal Enfield Himilayen and had I been less rattled by the miles, rain, and wind, I would have invited him to the Cache Gathering in South Dakota next week. SD Spearfish KOA June 17 - 21  But I'm doubtful he'll be home from vacation by then.

Bight rainbow over Wells.

This trip ended up being a few miles short of 1900 miles. I've had some other short trips since my eye problems, but struggled at various times while riding.  However, this trip finally gave me some absolutely solid, no doubts at all confidence that my vision problems might possibly be behind me, least I hope so!

Life is sometimes foggy and hazy but mostly life is GOODer than heck!

Thursday, November 2, 2023


Giving the bikes a rest my brother and I go south to St George to do some kayaking.

We end up going to Sand Hollow and had a good time paddling on the lake, going around the island was especially fun.

We also visit artsy Kayenta, Ut and walk the Labrynith there

Lots of fun art to see..

.......and we did some shopping for personel protective equipment...
I was strong and didn't buy the helmet.

I was even able to practice kayaking in our room...

A 4 day trip....lots of laughter and fun....didn't fall in the water even once!
Life is awesome!!


Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Do you know the way to Santa Fe...

Eldest son Will, had a business conference to attend in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He invited me to ride to that conference with him and I accepted of course then Beverly invited herself to go along with us. ....Which also of course is just fine with me.

Our first night was in Moab UT
Then some back roads to Pagosa Springs.

 On our way we stop at newspaper rock south of Moab, and read the daily edition, haha.

At Pagosa springs we get a unit right on the edge of the lake and enjoy the wonderful scenery that night.

Will chooses cereal for dinner, and made such quick work of that bowl he must be a cereal killer...

Off our deck at dusk

And.... then we're on our way to  Santa Fe.

 That night after getting settled in we went out to eat at the famous plaza.

The next day walking to the plaza Beverly and I go to the St Francis of Assisi cathedral

And we spend a couple of very enjoyable hours wandering and window shopping around the plaza. 
The 'Plaza' is a nice place, but expensive! I was planning on picking up a painting while there, but we neglected to sell our house before we left so we could afford one..... ;)

A relaxing two days later the conference concludes and it's time to turn our noses homeward

We start on our return trip leaving Santa Fe mid morning for the short but colorful ride to Pagosa springs.
157 miles 
Will spies this cool bridge and thinks we should get a picture by it..... good call!

We are lakeside again at Pagosa Springs.
Early morning at Pagosa.

The beautiful scenery inspires Beverly to do some painting.

Then with about 1250 miles under our belts and we arrived home!
I'm very happy Will decided to ride instead of fly... another good call! I had a great time on this trip, I hope Beverly and Will enjoyed it as much as I did!!!

Thanks for stopping in and reading!!
See you next time.
Chama, NM
The Plaza
In the room at Pagosa
Somewhere along the way

Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Crafty little devil! (no moto content)

I have worked as a carpenter and hobbyist woodworker nearly my entire adult life. My first job when I was in high school was as a carpenter helper for a contractor that lived in our neighborhood. 
From there on I've worked over the years at numerous different jobs that involved woodwork. Not every job I worked at involved woodwork but the jobs I enjoyed most were.

Then when I retired a few years ago I started getting my woodworking tools together and followed the suggestion of my son, Fenton, and converted the room under our garage into a small shop. 

Biker buddy, Rooster, wired the shop for me.  Then a little while later I had some good fortune/bad fortune..... my good friend and excellant neighbor, Sean moved several states away - the moving truck space was limited so he gifted several tools to me!

My good fortune continued when I went to help yet another neighbor prepare to move out of his house and ended up hauling home a whole truckload of tools!

Charcuterie board, vases, stands.

Suffice it to say I "could" have amassed the tools that I recently been given under my own power.....but it would have taken me a long long time.  I'm very happy to have them . 

So now here I am with all these tools/toys and I a lot of time in the "Dungeon" as I call it making.. know......'things'......... stuff, "creations". 

After awhile I had made so many 'things' that I told Beverly we either needed to start giving, selling or   *GASP!*  stop making 'things' because we're getting too many of those things in the house. 

And, since I 
use exotic wood for a lot of them they tend to be a bit expensive so we decided to sell them and try to recoup some of the money that we have spent on wood.
Vases, niknak stands
We found a neighborhood Farmers market and have been there five or six times so far and have done all right, we're not quite millionaires yet or in a thousand years or even hundred years but we've recouped a little bit of our money, met some great people and had fun.
I should be going on a ride soon so I'll be able to put some kind of travel news on this blog but I just thought I'd put on these things that I've been making and I am having an absolute blast with my!. Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed these pictures. Life is indeed wonderful 
                                                                    in so many ways!                                                                                  
Niknak/sound bowl stands, cutting board.
                                                                                Thread organizer


Sunday, August 13, 2023

Ca 15 Best 2023 pt1

It's time to get busy on the Southern California motorcycle association or 'SCMA" California 15 best roads. We decide to "dual purpose" the first part of this ride and include the annual couples ride as well. So we invite the other two couples to ride to Indio California with us where we'll get the first few roads.
So we depart on a Monday morning for St George and staying overnight there leave the next morning for Kayenta where we stopped and enjoyed walking in The Labyrinth and the other art they have spread around the town square, most of the shops were not open so we were able to save some money and we were soon on our way.

The next stop was at Coyote Springs in Nevada where we looked at the Ryan henge.

Besides the henge replica they have a beautiful tiny chapel that is currently being painted inside.

And this is inside the henge a large map of the world.

The Ryan henge also has a labyrinth that we walked in and found our way to the middle.

And some strange looking bi-pods hanging out at the Ryan hinge replica.

Wednesday morning we ride off to MT Center California and then to Banning California to check off another road.

Sleep...wake up and we hit the road Thursday, unfortunately we have to get on the freeway and slog over to San Juan Capistrano where we enjoy a visit to the beautiful mission there.

Visiting the mission was a great experience which we all enjoyed.

After an excellent lunch in San Juan Capistrano we left and did this road on the way back to our lodging starting in San Juan Capistrano and ending at Lake Elsinore.

Friday morning the other two couples left for home, whilst Beverly rode  north-west-ish to our lodging at Big Bear Lake. I rode South to check off the Campo to Jamacha road.

And that's it for part one. We'll pick up the road checks again in part 2 thanks for reading!