Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Golden Ratio

Andrew Rogers, famous sculptor and resident of Austrailia, picked Green River, Utah for one of his lastest works, The Golden Ratio. This is one of three GR sculptures in the world. It is based on ...the Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci sequence.

My daughter called a couple of days ago and told me about this recently finished project. She suggested we ride over and see it when the weather gets warmer, and we will. In the meantime I wanted to go see it and find out exactly where it is.

Lots of time on Google finally produced these directions, "Southwest of the Amtrack station, between the station and I - 70". So off I go, Google also tells me that the Amtrack station is 181 miles from my home.

Since I lack an exact address of the sculpture, I hope there are signs, or arrows, or even an "X marks the spot" that I can follow....
Going over Soldier Summit was the coldest part of the ride but it's over (until I return home) as I descend into Helper, Utah.
Past Helper, just as I'm entering Price City, my odometer reads this number....strange...
It turns out I didn't need directions after all. As soon as I get within a mile or two of the town I can see the Golden Ratio Sculpture standing guard over Green River. Here it is from the Chevron station.
Standing in the same place, with the lens poking out a little farther..
I wander through town looking for the arrows, signs, or X marks the spots that will lead me closer to the site. But alas, no such luck.

I get a little closer shot, but still can't find the elusive access road.
I've stopped and asked two locals for directions, but neither can help telling me they haven't been to see it yet.
I ask a third person, a railroad employee, and he gives me clear instructions on how to get there!
Looking up at the top block.

Ok, mission accomplished, I'm on my way home. But on my way out of town I see this; Who you gonna call?
On the road again...
Other than going over Solider Summit, the day was pretty warm, I didn't even put on my electric gear.
361 miles total, 223 miles on secondary roads, 137 miles in canyons, 85 miles in the Diamond lane, 52 super slab miles (each way) $32 for gas, $20.00 for snacks and lunch, 12 pictures of the Golden Ratio, 7.25 hours to make the trip, 5 U turns to find the site, 2 legs of the trip, there and back, and 1 great day on the bike!

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Today is a balmy 38 degrees, no sense wasting warm weather...time for a ride! I had planned to ride to Nephi, Utah and have lunch at Lisa's Cafe (great chicken fried steak!) but half way there I change my mind and opt instead to take the loop through Eureka, Tooele and back to West Valley City.

Tiny Elberta, this is where I have to decide, turn left and go to Nephi, or right and go to Eureka. I go right.

Eureka, where I stop for a hot chocolate. While sipping the tasty hot cocoa I walk around town and take some photos of a few of the old buildings there. Today Eureka has around 800 residents down from a high in 1920 when the population was 3908. Frank Zamboni jr inventer of the "Zamboni ice machine" was born there in 1901.

I think this is an old power plant building..looked like a lot of electrical do-dads around the building.

Main street, lots of abandoned buildings, when the mining left, so did most of the economy.

I couldn't help but think, "don't let the screen door hit your butt on the way out".....

Sun roof. The cabin on the right was moved to this location, it was Porter Rockwell's old cabin. Portor (June 28 1813 - June 9 1878) was known as the "Destroying Angel of Mormondom." He also served as personal bodyguard to Joseph Smith jr, and Brigham Young.

I've been here several times, but have never seen the museum open...

Leaving Eureka and riding west.

I think I'll do a little exploring, but then I find out my darkside tires are not conducive to rutted dirt road riding. After about 300 yards my arms are tired.... I turn Elsa the 750 lb Kaw around and gingerly mosey back to the paved road.

The temps were not that bad...comparatively anyway, a 2oo mile day of good riding!

And back home in time to play with a grandson.

Life IS good!