Thursday, December 6, 2018

Vegas to the rescue

Snow and cold temps have arrived in Utah, so Adrian and I plan a ride to (warmer) Las Vegas where we'll drop in on the weekly 'Geezer Breakfast' (a bunch of riders/retirees meet every Tuesday at a Vegas McDonalds). Then we'll get out and ride for two days before returning home.

The night before we leave it snows all night long, so Adrian breaks out his trailer, we load the bikes and head for St George.
We drop the trailer at his friends house and ride to Vegas.

I don't have any pictures of the Geezer Breakfast, but here are three, Adrian, Lenard, and Jess.

Then we ride over to the "ghost town" Nelson, Nevada - Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, there were a couple of porn shoots going on while we were there so most of those photographs can't be posted here.

However here are two of the many planes in Nelson.

We also visited Hemenway Park in Boulder and saw these sheep.

And this sign....we sent this selfie to our wives and told them we took a wrong turn...  haha.

The next day Adrian and I ride out to Rhyolite, Nevada to see the "Open Air Museum".

Adrian makes some friends..

The glass bottle house.

More museum art.

The Last Supper

And some ruins...

It was a very nice way to spend four days. Not a lot of miles (700), but relaxing and fun.

We'll be riding back to Vegas in a couple weeks for the New Years Death Valley ride.