Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Shoot, eat, sleep, repeat.

This is a non motorcycle related post.
But....what is the most fun you can have while not on a motorcycle? You are right; sex.
However this post is about guns and shooting.

Most senior son Jacob has been after me for quite a while to go to a defensive handgun course with him. He finally found a way to convince me to go....he made it 'free'..... sort of. He would pay for the course if I would cover the housing costs. Sounds good to me so we make our reservations. Jacob and Tiffany, their two children, and Beverly and I are set to go to Las Vegas for the Front Sight defensive handgun course.
Jacob, Tiffany, and I will be taking the course. Beverly will be babysitting the children. I think Grams got the short end of the stick, but she insists that that is what she would prefer to do. 'Gramma's'...go figure.

Early Friday morning we arrive at the incredible 550 acre Front Sight compound, which is a few miles outside of Pahrump, Nevada.
And it IS incredible! Everything about Front Sight is done expertly. The grounds are immaculate, well designed, and professionally done.
We are immediately directed to the range where our course will be held for the beginning of our class.
There is no idle time, chit-chat, or potty breaks; no time is wasted throughout the entire two day course.  The instructors are precise, and articulate. The presentations are well rehearsed, with each new principle being built upon a previously taught principle. Even the humor is well presented and used to make a point.
Students are never expected to demonstrate a skill until said skill is shown and explained in detail. Safety is paramount, the first three hours were devoted to safety, and proper handling techniques.
Both 10 hour days were filled with pertinent information. We would break for a short lunch, which was the only non-teaching time, however before lunch time was over a lecture would start in the lunch room.
EVERY presentation was worth listening to.
I was concerned that we would be high-pressured to buy something, but I was in error. There were two short presentations for gun safes, and hearing protection. Both were short and sweet, and made to the group. No pressure at all.
The mornings were chilly.
Shooting was done from 3 to 15 yards.
Weapons malfunctions were simulated, and we were taught how to solve them.  Notice the bullet lodged in the ejection port.
Draw and fire practice, later in the course we were against a timer.

The ever present Instructors; always ready to answer a question or offer advice. We had at least four, sometimes more for our class.
Tiffany was arguably the best (student) shot in the class. It's entirely possible I was the worst. (The targets were shared by everyone in our group.)
Jacob, Tiffany and me.
Don't forget to calculate walking time...
Looking off our deck where we stayed.
Ryker and Jaysie.
I have to admit I was skeptical about the value of the course, and reticent about the kind of environment I would find there. I expected the instructors to be arrogant type A boot camp style drill instructors.
I was wrong on both counts, pleasantly surprised with the patience, professionalism, and skill set of each instructor.
Would I do it again? Yes, I plan to.
Would I recommend a Front Sight course to others? Absolutely! But...I would not recommend paying the prices advertised on their web site. Jacob got on  their emailing list and waited for a good deal.
Last but most, I was able to spend a weekend with family, and that translates into Good times!