Monday, July 18, 2011

Vulcans do Torrey

The Utah VROC (Vulcan Riders Owners Club) threw a rally in Torrey Utah last weekend (July 15 - 17). It sounded like a good excuse for a ride, so Beverly and I attended.

On our way we get a photo of the Manti LDS Temple.
Just south of Manti: a lake, a beautiful sky, and a four wheeler on the highway! Life is good!

Drilling for something.

The hills just outside of Torrey.

On the main road through Torrey.

Torrey's big store.

.......and we make it to the rally.

There wasn't a huge number of attendees at the first annual UT VROC Rally, but the organizers, Jason (Mellow) and Dave (Hazy) did a bang up job! When the word gets out how much fun we had I expect next years rally numbers to at least double.

Some of the bikes...

Hazy (L) and Mellow (R) demonstrating why responsible drinking means not having a permanant marker in your possession.

Camera play time.

Special lighting on two of the bikes (Troy and Sonya's)

More camera play time.

"The moon is high and so am I, the stars are out and so will I be pretty soon......."

Saturday morning, and not one of the bikes had a hangover, but somebodies rum ended up in the wrong did THAT happen?

On our way for the Saturday ride. We will go east on SR 24, then south on SR 95 to Halls crossing, take the ferry across Lake Powell, then reverse our route back to Torrey.

There was a bicycle race on SR 24.

Sonya's Nomad 1700

Some peoples kids!

A huge rock alcove just down the road from that last group pic.

Rest stop/photo op.

Bottle opener.......

Ride leader, Troy, knows this road well and shows us some native american ruins.

The ferry.

They always let bikes go on first for some reason.

Waiting to get underway.

One couple rode two bikes and brought their young son, he used the waiting time to cool off.

A houseboat hauler and two escort trucks join us on the ferry. They barely fit!

House boats galore!

Water fun!

We see lots of cool little 'islands' on our way.

Nearing the other side......

Back at the hotel the group decides to go out to dinner, so we ride to the restuarant.

When will I ever learn?!? The Officer had a very bland personality, he didn't talk at all and it seemed as if he had been in this spot for a loooong time!


Main course......VERY good!

After dinner somehow I got lucky enough to have this gorgeous young lady ride back with me.

Sunday we leave for home. On our way out of town we see these beauties!

Two Ducs, a Norton, and a BSA.

Fremont, Utah.

Some old guy...

The skies threatened, but we didn't get any rain.

The land that time forgot.

Curvy roads plus...

Steep hills equal...


Lunch stop in Helper, Utah.

Helper main street.

I doubt anyone picks on this librarian.... Helper Library.

Great weekend ride. Just under 800 miles and lots of fun! Thanks to Jason, Dave and all the other slightly out of control VROCers for a good time!