Thursday, February 13, 2020

2020 World Vision Challenge

The 2020 World Vision Challenge
Make the World a better looking place

Easy, very inexpensive, rewarding!

The 2020 World Vision Challenge is an easy way for each of us to improve the way the World looks.

How do you participate? Simply do this;
Buy a box of small garbage bags to keep on your bike.
*The small bags fill quickly and are easier to fit in the nearest garbage can.*
When you are on a ride, whether a day ride or on a multi-day trip, resolve that at least once each day you will use a bag and pick up some of the refuse you see on one of your stops. Then put the bag in a proper receptacle, and voila! Just like that YOU have improved the way the world looks!
Each of us doing a little bit will make a huge change in the World!

I've been doing this for a few years now and have used different type of bags, but this is what I have purchased most recently;

They cost $6.00 for two boxes (50 bags).

Thanks for looking at my 'World Challenge' I hope you join in on the effort to make the whole World look better and by so doing improve the look of your part of the World!

Best regards, and safe journeys,

ps. If you participate in my challenge, please come back here and leave a comment...I'd love to hear about it!