Friday, November 16, 2012

I hope you are having a Great Day!

The V-Strom Cache has been resurrected see here for details;
In a nutshell the Strom Cache is just a excuse to ride and meet other riders. It is a small box with a 'token' and notebook that is handed off from rider to rider.
The first version of the Strom Cache was started by a guy on the east coast nick-named Po-Sloke. I picked it up in Georgia and brought it across 10 states to Utah, from there it went all across the North, Central, and South America, from Deadhorse Alaska to Terra Del Fuego. An Aussie named Traveling Strom, aka Richard carried it the farthest distance.  
Then it got handed to a rider that.......lost it. It was sad to see it die.

So... another rider named Andreas aka Andreas, (here in Utah) has started a new Strom Cache. Andreas handed it to Satch, and Satch handed it to me in Jordan, Utah.
I'll take it to St. George, Utah to give it to Med-Plt.

Satch, Me, Andreas.

 On my way.

I pass the Thistle Mud Slide.
In April 1983 this mudslide dammed up the Spanish Fork River and resulted in the flooding of the town Thistle. State and  Fed agencies claim this was the most expensive mudslide in US history.
 The Manti Temple
 Used car lot.
 And the hand off in St George. Med-Plt, and I meet at the Golden Arches and make the exchange.
 The Cache departs for Las Vegas, Nevada.

 I depart to my lodging for the night, and a relaxing (and warming) soak in the hot tub. Very nice after a cold day of riding!
 Friday, on my way home. I go through Zion National Park.
 Going up Cleavage Canyon.
 And now in Zion Canyon.
 I hike up to Weeping Rock.
Not a very good picture of Weeping Rock, sorry.
On my way again up Zion Canyon. 

Back on the main road through Zion NP.
 And then the rain started so I put the camera away.
Nice ride, very nice to get the Cache going again, Good Job Andreas!!
740 mile ride in cold and rain...not the best conditions, but better than no ride at all!

Monday, August 20, 2012

SSSSSSSSmoking! 1

On my last ride, "Trust me" I had heard about two places that I put on my 'have to see' list.
Tom told me about Joseph, Oregon, where there are bronze statues all over the town....I put it on my list.
Two KTM riders we ran into tell us about Yellow Pine, Idaho which they tell us has a Harmonica Festival every year. The thing about Yellow Pine is you have to ride dirt roads to get there....on the list it goes.
Then as luck would have it, I have the next week free and available, hmmm, what should I do?

So I leave for Boise; the western states are on fire, and smoke is heavy. I see mile after mile of burned stubble along the freeway on the way to Boise.
I'm in need of gas, I'm on my last gallon and there aren't many choices in this sparsly populated area. So I stop here; I'll never do that again! It took me three trips into the store and had to move my bike to two different pumps before I was finally able to fuel. The guy on the other side of the pumps was cussing them worse than I was. Everyone I saw fueling seemed to be having the same problem and was angry about the same thing.
Happy to be fueled (finally!) and on my way again I take this picture in Cambridge Idaho. Cambridge is where the Hell's Canyon Recreation Area road begins.
If you're a biker this curvy road should be on your bucket list!
Just before the dam.
After the dam on my way to Joseph, Oregon.
Fawn....moma was nearby.
And...Joseph, Oregon. What a neat town! There are indeed numerous statues around the town, but it is late and I need to find a place to throw out my tent.

After a couple of phone calls and leaving messages, Scott, the owner of the Mountain View RV and cabin park, returns my call and "hooks me up" with this site. Scott is very motorcycle friendly, and it was a nice place to stay. The only complaint is the limited shower/bathrooms. But if I go to Joseph again I'll likely stay at the same place.
Next morning leaving Joseph and on my way via Clarkston, Washington Kooskia, Idaho then stopping just before McCall at the Payette National Forest  Last Chance campground.

A few miles after I ride through Enterprise, Oregon I'm on a very quiet, very unpopulated road (SR3). I see something in the distance which turns out to be a woman pushing a bicycle along the side of the road, actually she is off the road and walking in the weeds. I stop alongside her to ask if she needs assistance. She is quite thin and has gray hair. It only takes a moment to realize that she has difficulty communicating and seems to be somewhat handicapped.
In our conversation she assures me that she is safe and walking to her home, which is 'over there' (a vague hand wave).

The situation is untenable,  I don't feel comfortable leaving her all alone, but I can't insist that she allow me to help her either.
So, I ride off, deciding if I don't see a house in a mile I will dial 911. Over a mile later there are still no houses in sight. I stop and make the call and after giving my location and a description of the woman, the dispatcher tells me they know her and it is not unsual for her to walk along that road. Everythings ok, my mind is eased, I ride on.

Oregon (Lewiston Highway, SR 3) just a few miles before the Washington state line.
Anatone, Washington.

Looking back down at Boggans Oasis.

Church in White Bird, Idaho.
The bridge just before Riggins, Idaho.
The Last Chance campground.
Home for a night.
Tomorrow I'll ride through McCall to Cascade, Idaho and stay at the Arrowhead RV park.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

SSSSSSSSmoking! 2

Riding out the two miles of dirt road from the Last Chance campground my headlight protecter falls off. The velcro is worn out, I'll need to repair it in McCall.
I find a hardware store in McCall and buy velcro and isopropyl alcohol to clean it before sticking it on.

The repair work is done, and then I'm able to get off a quick picture of  Sharlie the Payette Lake monster! No...really!
If you are in McCall, and have a hankering for ice cream, Ice Cream Alley is the place to go. If you also like Beatles music you'll be in paradise because that's all they play at the 'Alley'.
Two scoops of huckleberry heaven! Dairy is not supposed to be in my diet, and I know I'll pay for this tomorrow....but for now, I just enjoy the moment!

Back on the road, I stop in Cascade, Idaho at this RV park. Arrowhead is super clean, the folks are very friendly, and the showers hot!
I ask for a shady spot.
Time to cook dinner.
It's as good as it looks.
I've had a hot shower, hot meal, and camp is set up...what more can a guy ask for?
Arrowhead is almost a destination itself. The regulars here hang out in this place and do a lot of carving.
These are the kinds of things they end up with.

The Totem Pole graveyard.
Tomorrow I'll take a dayride to Yellow Pine, Idaho.