Sunday, August 18, 2013

Bikes and Babes....

Well, not really. But at least we had bikes....
Nephew, Alex, has a new to him Kawasaki Ninja 250.
Brother in law, Bruce has set up a burger run.
This can work out for everyone.
Bruce and fellow riders will leave Idaho Falls - Alex and I depart the Salt Lake valley and all of us will meet in St. Charles, Idaho for lunch.
St. Charles is at the northern tip of Bear Lake, and home of this burger joint. They have this wall hanging (above) for sale. I don't buy it as I have no way to get it home.
 While waiting for the Idaho riders to show up Alex and I take the North Shore road part of the way around the lake.
 Bear Lake is called the "Caribbean of the Rockies"  because of the vivid turquoise color of the water.
Bear Lake is so blue because of the huge amounts of suspended microscopic white colored calcium carbonate (lime), which reflects the water's natural color back to the surface of the lake.
(Of course I knew that off the top of my head...)
 Excepting the Great Lakes, Bear Lake has more endemic fish species ( fish found no where else in the world)  than any other lake in the U.S. or Canada.
(I knew that too..)

The north shore of the lake is a great bird watching area.

Time for lunch. 
Harley buddy, Rick has a new HD. He is 'Back in Black!'
She's a beaut!

Alex and I

Alex and I have to leave the lunch group earlier than we wanted as we are going to the races back in the Salt Lake Valley to watch Tyler another nephew; Tyler races in the modified class.
I get some good mileage on the way home.

Tyler is the points leader in the modified class, and has a good night. Alex jumps in Tyler's car for a photo op.
So, a  370 mile ride with family, a good but a way to short visit with friends and family at lunch, then the races to watch family.
That's hard to beat!