Tuesday, July 14, 2015

West coast V-Strom rally

Another rally, this time the West Coast V-Strom Rally - Hosted by Hans aka NoDad.
The rally is to be held at Fortuna, California July10 - 12. I leave Wednesday the 8th for my ride over.

I decide to take highway 50 west from Ely to Reno. To get to Ely I take the Super-Straight, Super-Boring, Super-Flat, Super-Slab across the Salt Flats to Wendover, Nevada.

Shades of 1860!!
 I pass an old Pony Express Station in Nevada and am surprised to see this ghost rider galloping across the desert.... Yippee-yio-ki-Yaaaaaaaaaa!

On my way again..

And on to highway 50 the Loneliest Highway in America.
I stop a few miles before Austin, Nevada at some natural hot springs...I think I'll camp here for the night.
You can see one of the springs in the back ground.
It was a good night and a good soak....life is good!

Not always..... 

Next morning I'm back on the Loneliest Highway and nearing Reno I run into a hailstorm.
Myself, a couple other riders and several cars take refuge in this tunnel. The hailstorm makes me aware I forgot to pack a coat!

This is the 4th second hand store I've stopped at trying to find me a cheap coat.
The sign on the door warns shoppers that, "Cats are inside". About 20 cats are inside...........alllllllllllll over the place. But I'm freezing, desperate and need to find a coat so I shop......
I find the ugliest coat in the world, brush some cat hairs off it and plop down some 'green'....
I was very happy the rest of the trip to have that ugly coat!
Ugly eh?

 Later that afternoon I make it to the rally camp site and set up camp.
Breakfast the next morning.

The group meets for one of the organized rides. One of the riders is skipping his Mother-in-law's birthday to go on the ride. He hopes this gesture will appease her.... :)

I'm not a fan of large group rides, so two other like minded Strommers and I go off on our own. 
Don (red coat) knows this area a little and takes Sharky and I on a spectacular ride through the incredible hills above Garberville.

It's a foggy day.

I go to both dinners, win a ton of swag, and generally have a real good time.
Sunday I leave for home via Oregon.

Some elk are waiting for school to commence...

A momma feeds her pre-schooler while waiting...

Back on the road I stop here for the worst bisquits and gravy I've ever had.
But, notice the two bicycles?

They belong to these two cuties, Mia and Nickola.
They are riding from BC, Canada to San Francisco.....WOW!
We had a very pleasant conversation outside the cafe, I enjoyed immensely chatting with those two!
Before we parted they advised me to take the Newton Drury scenic road.......I did and wasn't disappointed, Thanks for the advise Ladies!
 The a'fore mentioned road.

Annnnnnd.........the coast!

Beaky's first time here so we stop for a pic.

This was a rainy, and hail-ee trip.... My frogs togs didn't let me down, nor did my BUMOT panniers.
2,236 miles. Nice dinner and rally, great riding!