Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Colorado with The Eldest

 My oldest son, Will, has purchased a new-to-him Yamaha FJR and suggests we go for a ride/trip. 

So we map out a weeklong ride in Colorado. This might become an annual thing as it was just two years ago we had a very nice ride down to Acomo Pueblo in New Mexico with Will on a different bike.

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So...bikes are packed, riders are prepped and READY to go.

Finally departure day arrives! We head out on a warm Wednesday morning and point our bikes toward Steamboat Springs, Colorado. 

We will be staying in lodging with a it will be "home cooking" as opposed to eating out. I prefer to either cook my own food or know the person who cooks it so I'm good with that! I did take a cooking class a few years ago, unfortunately I don't think I learned a whole-heck-of-alot.....

Stopping for lunch near Vernal, Utah Will found a playground to work out the kinks of a long ride....

We arrive at Steamboat Springs where we will stay for three days. 
Unfortunately our ride plan needed tweaking as the roads on our list are still closed from winter big deal it is easy to find other roads to ride.

And the first road we found is north over Rabbit Ears Pass;
but first we hike up to Fish Creek Falls near Steamboat...

Then we ride the C14 f
rom Steamboat over Rabbit Ears Pass, and on to the small town of  Walden. Walden bills itself as, 
"The Moose Viewing Capital of Colorado"
And sure enough a few miles later we saw a moose, then a bit later two more. 

There are plenty of other wildlife to view in and near Walden as well.

For our second day ride out of Steamboat we go south on C131 toward Leadville, making a stop on the way in the tiny town of Red Cliff to take a picture of  this bridge on the road leading out of town...

Then we make it to Leadville where we stop for lunch.

returning to the condo we ride north-ish on C91 and C9 to Kremmling where we take advantage of a photo-op with a mini Lady Liberty

The third day was a no pix day as we re-located to Pagosa Springs.

Our first day ride out of Pagosa was to Taos, New Mexico. 

We stopped on the way into town at the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge

Then into town where Will made a new friend.....
Near the town square..

We also stopped for a moment to look at the Eco friendly "Earthships" near Taos.

I had hoped to get 12 to 15 thousand miles out of my front tire, but it kind of melted away much faster than anticipated and after just 10,000 miles I had to get a replacement tire.
Moto-Cafe in Durango came through for me in a big way. He charged me a very fair price and had the tire mounted and ready to ride in about an hour.... THANK YOU Moto-Cafe!!!

Plus....his shop is right at the foot of the Million Dollar highway so, new tire mounted, we rode up to Silverton

where the "Christ of the mines" sits above the town on the Anvil Mt. The road getting there is dirt and a bit gnarly, but Will's "Adventure touring" FJR handled the climb with aplomb!

We grabbed some lunch in Silverton then rode back to Pagosa Springs.
The Coal Bank has a great Philly Cheese Steak!

And then it was time to head for our homes. After 7 days of excellent riding we point our bikes northwest.
Stopping at this tourist shop I met a very pretty young lady named, "Bean".... She told me her Dad is coming to Colorado to ride and asked for some suggestions for good roads. Somewhat distracted by the afore mentioned Bean, I mumbled through some suggestions and Will added a couple more...then we left.  I hope we helped.

A quick stop in Green River, Utah for dinner and then back on the road. We arrived at our homes after 540 miles of mostly good riding (a little freeway).

All in all a wonderful week! Thanks to Will for getting me out on a great ride!

2384 miles.