Monday, May 20, 2013

Pie Run

Vegashotwheeler sets up a pie run to Mt Carmel, Ut.
It's raining when I get up.

Water falling from the sky, still I ride to eat some pie.
 On the road by bike or car, eating healthy will get you far.
 Rode to eat some Ho-made pies, it was hard to look at her eyes.
  Here's the guy that put out the feeler, "who wants pies?" 
After pies I still had lots of clock,
so I rode up Bryce Canyon to see the red rock.

 Back country roads are relaxing to me,
and going this pace I get good MPG.'s past time for rhyme.

The next morning.
I've always wanted to ride the Hell's Backbone, a 38 mile long dirt road connecting the towns of Escalante and Boulder.
 The Hell's Backbone bridge. It has a 1500 foot drop on both sides. The road was built in 1933 by the CCC (Civilian Conservation Core). This is the third version of the bridge (rebuilt 3 times).

 After Hell's Backbone, I fluff up my tires and head for the barn.
Old building in the town of Scipio.
And off to home, but not quickly... 100 miles from the house my oil filter has a seal failure and I have to sit by the road (in a rainstorm) for a couple hours til two of my sons come and rescue me.
I can't (or shouldn't anyway) complain, I have over 250,000 miles of riding and this is the first breakdown (of either kind...) I've had to be rescued from.
Next ride? Alaska.