Thursday, June 27, 2013

Getting to the Oregon Coast.

Beverly and I decide to take a trip to the West Coast, she will fly, I will ride.

I go via Boise, Idaho. I'm on the freeway from SLC, Utah to Baker Oregon.
Not long after Boise, I stop at Huntington, Oregon where I see Pull mater the cousin of Tow mater. Huntington seems to be a nice little town. It was late and I was just about out of gas but the only gas station in town re-opened just to give me 5 gallons. 
Thanks guys!
 The town is trying to fix up this stern-wheeler to run it up and down the Snake river.
If you like to fish for catfish, Huntington has a catfish derby every year on Memorial day.
 Tank full of gas and I'm on the road again.

I stay overnight in Baker, Oregon at the Knights Inn a great place; inexpensive, clean as a whistle, and biker friendly.

The next morning I'm off for Junction City through some Oregon back roads.
 Paulina, Oregon.
 Post, Oregon where I get a tasty meat loaf sandwich.

 I finally make it to Junction City where good friends Tea and Nina live close by. I stay overnight at their place. T&N spoil me with great food and wonderful conversation as we talk late into the night - it's time well spent!

The next morning the three of us are off to Seaside, Oregon to meet Beverly where we are staying for the week.

Gas and 'comfort' stop in Depoe Bay.
 We make it to Seaside, and go for a walk on the beach. Tea finds some jelly fish; he says it's not poisonous and...

takes a bite to show us...
 We carefully observed Tea for the next 10 or 12 seconds to make sure he didn't die....then went on with our walk.

I LOVE the coast!

Monday morning T&N depart for home.
Beverly and I wonder what we will do for the next week..

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

At the coast

Tuesday - Thursday

Looking off our balcony.

 Tuesday we go out on a whale watching trip. It just so happens some long time friends, Adrian and Cindy, are Goldwinging along the coast at the same time, so we invite them to go on the excursion with us, they join us as well as Adrian's sister Cynthia and her husband Aaron.

 We have a good time and even saw a whale or two!
Back on steady ground we go for lunch. Mo's has good but not great clam chowder..... it leaves me unfulfilled. I still have a hankering for Ivar's by the sea clam chowder, the best I've ever had.
 Because of Beverly's headaches we are in a rental car while the other two couples are on bikes. As we were in the parking lot at the boat dock, some passers-by complimented both Adrian and Aaron about their bikes, but not one person approached me and said anything about how nice our rental car looks.... I mentioned this  during our lunch.
Then later after our lunch as the bikers were gearing up, and we were getting in our car, Aaron walked over and said, "Excuse me Sir, I couldn't help but notice what a fine rental car you have here!"
Thank you Aaron!

Photo ops along the way.

Another stop on our way 'home' ...
...and we are lucky to find this sand castle before the tide erases it.
I think that is Haystack rock in the background.

Wednesday I'm able to go for a short ride while Beverly shops.
This is the "End of the Trail" statue of Lewis and Clark, where they turned around.

I rode north to Astoria to see this bridge that biker buddy Tenere-Tom had told me about.
The Astoria-Megler Bridge is 4.1 miles long and is the longest continuous truss bridge in North America.

I crossed the bridge and did the 101/401 loop on Long Beach and then rode back to the condo.
Trip miles so far are 1326 on the bike....I have no idea how far we've driven in our fine rental car.

And for Wednesday's dinner......

Thursday, no real sightseeing, just some strolling and chillin...
Dinner for Thursday night? Norma's clam chowder, will it be better than Ivar's by the Sea???

Nope. Ivar's is still the champ.
Tomorrow, Mt St Helens.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Oregon to 100 Mile house, BC

Good bye Seaside!

On our way...

Hello Sauvie island!
Strom/Cache buddy Blake lives on Sauvie. He invited Beverly and I to stay at his house for the night.

We get the royal treatment and are given an Eggg-Salant BBQ by Blake! He and Jennifer (and Lilly!) are wonderful hosts. I wished we had had more time to see their beautiful island.

The next morning Beverly is off to the airport, and Blake and I are off for the highway 101 junction at Olympia.
This beemer guy and his 'friend' pulled in as we were getting ready to split up, they were fun to talk to and we ended up chatting for quite a while.

On my solo way to the ferry at Port Townsend.
I stopped at this rest stop and actually stayed here for almost 45 minutes... I'm such a rebel! But, it was time well spent, I chatted with a very pleasant lady artist who was painting a landscape - good luck with the slough!

At the ferry.

The Navy guy in the black truck give me a ton of inside dope on the local roads.

He told me about this bridge...

...and this road.

Lots of beautiful curves on Chuckanut road.....

Time to find lodging for the night.

I end up staying here, the last motel on the US side in Sumas, Washington about 1/4 mile from the border. I can't recommend this place for either the food or the room. It was 'good', but for what they charged it should be 'great'.

Next morning - the border crossing.

Again with the allergies. I think my sniffing, runny eyes, and saying 'huh' at every question made me look suspicious.

They took me inside for more questions, and searched my bike.

It's all good and I'm soon on my way on the Trans-Canada highway. I stop for gas and buy an apple pie from Cheryl - a pie making, sidewalk-vending local.

Lots of wildlife in BC

No kidding, it's a REALLY big slide!

I make it to 100 Mile House and find my lodging...
......checked into my room and found this - nice.

British Columbia has heavenly motorcycle roads, maybe I should start living better so I can go here when I die eh?