Monday, June 24, 2013

100 Mile House to Hyder, Alaska

My neighbors are MG fans...

I'm off to Smithers, a 430 mile ride. About noon time   
I'm getting hungry, I have some raisin rolls and juice, I just need a quiet spot to eat. As I'm riding by  I barely see this sign, I turn around and stop at the edge of the pavement. mention of how many miles of dirt road to the falls. Oh well, off I go - it turns out to be just over 3 miles of dirt.

 Then a 1/4 mile hike,

And here it is....

Hike back,

My humble repaste. Life is good!
 In Smithers where I'll stay the night.

Outside my hotel.
This ones for you Cluff.

I'm on the road by 8:00
Hyder is 207 WET miles away.
Some of my rain gear crapped out on me today, I was soaked and chilled by the time I got to my lodging.

What?!? I have to ride across this soaked wooden bridge?

Yep! Two different ones.

The glacier before Stewart.

Stewart BC. As I was turning a U-ey to get this pic I waved at this little guy. He ran along the 'sidewalk' beside me excitedly waving back!
(then in true little kid fashion, when I pointed the camera at him he stood still, hands down...)

And....Hyder, Alaska.

I'm staying in a B&B, this is Mottley, he likes chilling outside my door.

The glacier about 15 miles out of Hyder.

Waterfalls everywhere!

Seafood for dinner.

The marker for the borderline.

More Hyder buildings.

Tomorrow - 437 miles to Prince George. With lousy rain gear it could be a loooong day. 


Trobairitz said...

Beautiful scenery. Sure wish the weather was cooperating for you though.

You are on two wheels in Alaska though so it isn't all bad. Have fun despite the rain.

The Bug Boys said...

Very Nice. You are living my dream!