Monday, February 20, 2023

GW maiden voyage day 3&4

 Most of the group stayed in this place the Exchange Club which has pretty good service and the rooms are clean and comfy.

Saturday morning the bulk of the Goldwingers went on a group ride into Death Valley.

I spent time looking for a paper map of Nevada but to no avail the Chamber of Commerce was closed all day... paper maps are getting harder and harder to find.

After looking around for a map I decided to take the short ride down to Rhyolite and look at the open Air Museum. 

Rhyolite came to be in 1904  when Prospectors Shorty Harris and E.L. Cross found gold in an area in Bullfrog Hills, which is about 120 miles north west of Las Vegas. Like a lot of boomtowns Rhyolite grew fast but was short-lived due to the bust of 1907 and was down to a few hundred residents by 1910

Back at the hotel in the early evening we're standing around talking when the guy on this Suzuki 109 pulls in, you can see he's done a lot of fabrication on the bike and did a very good job too! The man's name is Louis Carroll. Louis has done a lot of research on the human body and what causes aging and has written a book called "Athletic at 200". He also has a website - Lifekick.US
I found our conversation fascinating and I'm continuing to research his information. You can go to his website and see an 11 minute video of Louis speaking and explaining what he has discovered about the aging process. I should also mention that Lewis is 62 years old and is competing in MMA contests with men half his age and doing very well.

That night when I spoke with Beverly on the phone she informed me that there were winter storm warnings for our area on Tuesday the day I was planning to arrive at home. So I canceled one of my days At The Exchange Club and left a day early so that I could miss the storm.

On my way home I stopped at the "International Car Forest of the last Church" in Goldfield Nevada.

Then continued on my way through Tonopah and to Ely and then home. This was a very cold ride and I learned some things about the Goldwing that I need to change.
I was glad to get home in time to miss the storms!
Thanks for stopping in!

Life IS Grand!!

Friday, February 17, 2023

GW maiden voyage day 1&2

In anticipation of Beverly's retirement we have purchased a new to us Goldwing. It is a 2006 with a a little over 36,000 miles on it. Which means it's barely broken in, we hope to break it in completely over the next few years. 
I decide to take the GoldWing on a new owner's maiden voyage. Beverly hasn't retired quite yet so she has to work and I will be going by myself.
 Coincidentally a Goldwing forum that I have joined is having a get together in Beatty Nevada in the same time frame... Hmmmm...

I leave on a very cold Thursday. The temperatures are in the low thirties, if I remember right, but you got to do what you got to do to get a ride in!

I overnight in St George where it's a little bit warmer and then leave the next morning for Beatty.

An interesting site I've wanted to see for the last while is the Ryanhenge a Stonehenge replica. Since I'm on a motorcycle the Ryanhenge replica is right on my way, which means it only adds about 50 - 75 miles to my days ride.

The Ryanhenge was completed in 2017 and is very  interesting to visit. There are a number of other things to see including a tiny Church. The owners of the trucking company where the Stonehenge is at are very welcoming to visitors.

Two alien life forms live at the hinge replica this is a gray one there's also a green one.


The owners of a nearby mine kept some minerals and use them to make these stained glass windows, and they are beautiful!

If you are ever on Highway 93 near Coyote Springs I highly recommend a stop at the RyanHenge  Stonehenge replica - it is very calming and very peaceful there. I'm glad I stopped.

Tomorrow is a group ride, but I'm not really a group rider so I'll most likely ride off by myself somewhere or with possibly one other guy.

Stay toont for days 3 and 4