Thursday, March 10, 2022

Cal Triple Crown - So Cal

 So here it is March and I'm finally getting my first ride of the new year. 

MARCH!?!? Egad!

Oh well, at least I'm getting out now but even waiting this long it started out a very cold ride. 

The two day ride across Nevada and over Donner Pass was mostly in the mid 30s. Brrrrr! Once again, thank you Mr. Gerbing!

A little bit of snow on Donners Pass

But, once over the Sierras and westward  to San Francisco the temps became very pleasant.

Last year I earned the SCMA (Southern California Motorcycle Association) premier Triple Crown by riding the 4 corners of the US, the 15 best US roads, and the California 15 best.

So this year, I'm going to try and get the California Triple Crown by riding the Cal 15 best roads, visiting 24 of the National or State parks in Cal, and also visiting the 21 Missions they have in the State. That should keep me busy for a while. Last year I put 37,264 miles on my was a great year and I hope to do that many again!

Here are some missions

Mission San Francisco Solano 

San Francisco de Asis

And some parks;
Fort Point National HS.....

 .....I met this guy, Mike. He and I had a lengthy and very pleasant conversation. I'm pretty certain we solved most of the world's least we could have if anyone would listen to us!! ;)

I then rode up to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and was able to check that park off.

I had stopped a moment trying to decide what to do next when these guys stopped and we had a nice, conversation after a few minutes they asked if I was Christian I replied yes and they asked if they could give me a blessing to help me out on my trip. Of course I accepted their offer and asked them to additionally give my bike a blessing which they did. 

Tony, the man on the left is the one who gave the blessing and it was a beautiful and thoughtful invocation.

I very much appreciate it that they took their time to give both me and my bike a blessing and ask for safety and no problems on this trip. 
Thank you Bob and Tony

And lastly for today was the San Francisco de Asis..

The building next door was also impressive.

The next day (Thursday) I ride down Ca 1 to Point Reyes National Scenic area. 

I got the stamp
and as I talked to the lady behind the counter she told me there was a beached whale on one of their beaches. It's not everyday you see a beached whale so I rode down to the beach and got some pictures. (I have more pics but they are a bit gross)

So that's it for the first part of my California Triple Crown Journey I'll post part 2 as soon as I get it done. This is going slower than I had anticipated when I was making my plans. That's ok, I'll just adjust as necessary.

Thanks for visiting and thanks for coming along on this quest with me.