Tuesday, May 22, 2012

UT-VROC Rally / Solar Eclipse

The Utah Chapter of Vulcan Riders and Owners Club (Ut-VROC) has set up a rally in Kanab Utah. The Rally went from Wednesday to Sunday, but my plans were going to keep me from attending. But....a last minute change of those plans on Friday night had me hopping to find out where the rally was being held and getting a motel reservation. Saturday morning I start the 315 mile ride to beautiful Kanab, Utah.

On the way there, in Salina, Utah, I come across this..... Its the 2012 Trans America, New York to Alaska Rally. You can read more about it here;

 More cars were pulling into Salina as I was taking this pictures, but I was itching to get back on the road.
 This beauty wasn't a rally participant, but still a sweet looker!
I make it to Kanab, and have a 2nd floor room that looks out onto the Main Street through town, here is the view from the balcony.
 The next door neighbor...
On the sidewalk looking up at my balcony.
 Where I stayed...biker friendly, clean, nice, cute counter gal; highly recomended!
Kanab has these little signs all over town with different names and histories on them...an old movies buff would find them very interesting I'm sure. I didn't recognize many of the names.
 Walking along Main.
I meet the group and we head for dinner. I can't remember the name of this place. It was buffet style and good!
 I got involved in a poker game, and the furry little bandits took me for everything I had!
After dinner we were all groping for something fun to do.....
Dave, Hazy, and Mellow.
The Utah riders...since I hadn't showered yet they made me sit under the chair..
I probably don't have these names right but....
Dave, Big Kurt, Killer Mike, Hazy (sitting) me (laying) Troy, Sonja.
There were also riders from other states California, Arizona, etc and I believe there was one or two from Canada.
 Mellow's awesome bike.
A table full of Swag! Everyone went away a winner.
Donaters include;
Riders Of Kawasaki (ROK)
South Valley Motorsports
Wrights Motorcycle
Moto X outlet in Lehi
Plaza Cycle
Ames Construction
Petro hauler
Batteries Plus
Full Throttle Powersports
Swan Lakes Golf Course
Starbucks (Riverdale)
White Knuckle Motorsports
Legends Motorcycle
Duff Shelly, Mower and Cycle
I hope I didn't miss any.
 Getting the group together for a pic.
The funds raised at this rally went to this worthy cause, the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.
The Sanctuary has around 2000 animals on a daily basis from all over the US. There are some great, loving, dedicated people working there. Read more here;

Sunday morning the Utah group took US 89 north, but I left them at Junction and went thru Zion National Park.

 While riding along I keep getting the thought that I'll meet a biking traveler who will ask me about some better roads than the freeway. It went through my head enough that I reviewed what roads I would recomend to a rider. After a while I forgot about it.
Near Parawon, I stop for fuel and a bite. While munching on my tacos, the owner of this bike comes over and we chat for a good while. Rob lives in Utah but is from the UK, and going north also, so we ride together. After some time on the freeway I've decide I've had enough of the super-slab, and take an exit where I stop and tell Rob that I'm going on some back roads and he is welcome to come along. Rob says, "I havent ridden those roads before so, sure, I'll come along."
We ride via Delta, Eureka, and almost to Goshen where we part ways. Rob heading home, and I backtrack to Grantsville where my son and daughter-in-law have invited me to dinner. I want to be off the bike in time to take a picture of the solar eclipse.

And here is the picture of the solar eclipse.
Haha...just kidding it is actually the 'light at the end of the tunnel' in Zion National Park, here is the same subject a couple hundred feet closer to the opening.
What a great ride! Saw old friends and met new ones in Kanab, met a new friend on the way home, and I even took a few crappy picture of the eclipse, and the creepy light it put off...

Thanks for reading!