Friday, June 26, 2020

7th Annual Cache Gathering

The 7th annual Cache Gathering has arrived. This year Don, "nvr2old" is hosting the event.
He decided to hold it at Flaming Gorge, Utah.

This is the bridge near the Flaming Gorge Dam.

Mike and Don

While sitting at our camp we noticed some black smoke and went to investigate....we saw these two camp trailers burn to the ground..... Sad day for someone!

The line up of the attendees:
l to r
Karen (Spyder) Len (Strom 650) Mike (Strom 1000) Don (Strom 1000) Your's truly (Tenere) Mark and Kellie (Tenere)

Saw this on the way home....couldn't pass it up.

Another fun Cache Gathring in the books. Thanks everyone for a good time.

Sunday, June 14, 2020


Beverly and I have reached a milestone in our relationship.....our 40th anniversary has arrived. 
We decide to celebrate this event with a motorcycle know....something different for this year.

So our plan is to ride to Silver City, New Mexico and then ride the Apache Trail. After that we'll ride
 US 191 from Clifton to Alpine Arizona, and head north for home.

We leave on a Monday and ride 170 miles in rain and snow before the wet stuff finally ends just in time for the winds to begin! And they are brutal winds, when they first hit with a sudden blast I thought I had had a catastrophic air loss in one of the tires, but was just wind, a hard hard wind!

We finally make it to Bluff, Utah for our first night stay and I see I have a screw in my rear tire. 

It was holding air just fine but I don't like just leaving it in, so I screw it out and commence to plugging the tire. 

The next morning I add a couple pounds of air pressure and we take off for Pinetop, Arizona to spend the night.

While getting there we pass through the town of Snowflake, a few miles before Pinetop and we ride over to the LDS temple in Snowflake and find a quiet place to do some Earthing for a relaxing hour or so....

One of the very few complaints about the Tenere is the cruise control has a wonky cutoff switch at the hand brake, I've resorted to carrying a can of aerosol lithium grease to try to keep it functioning correctly....
it works....some of the time.

After leaving Pinetop we ride to Pie Town, New Mexico - well known for the wonderful pies that are baked there. Luckily her majesty the governor allowed business to open again a few days before our trip. So we stop at the Gathering Place where you are family the instant you walk through the door!
Their pies and other dishes are very good, but the warmth they extend to customers is their greatest asset and what makes them successful!
(it is amazing how just being greeted with a smile, and treated like family or a dear friend can make such a difference!)

I'm standing with Mike, he and his wife own/run the Gathering Place and he is an awesome guy!

We leave Pie Town fat and happy and ride south to Silver City to overnight. Once we get there we find out the Apache trail has a closed section due to a wildfire. We could ride parts of the other sections, but there is heavy smoke in the area so we decide to save it for another day and ride off toward Duncan, Arizona.

Then to Clifton, Arizona to ride the US 191, we arrive at 191 above Clifton, and find it too is closed due to another wildfire.....  Dang it all!!
So, we go to Plan C....and ride to Globe, Arizona and ride the US 60 from Globe to Show Low, which is yet another BEAUTIFUL road. We thoroughly enjoy our time on the 60

For the drivers that go too fast and over-heat their brakes, here is a very short truck runoff with an abrupt ending.....which results in a very bad day...

Part of  the beautiful US60

We overnight in Show Low, and I'm feeling the effects of riding two up in all this wind;
while Bev explored the Show Low walking paths, I explored the inside of my eyelids...

When we leave the next morning we stop and see these two guys....their story is on the plaque.

(control button and 'roll up' to make it easier to read)

We then continue on following Rt 66 for a while  

and make a stop in Winslow, and from there north to Page, Arizona to overnight.

We depart Page and weave our way through the 'millions' of boats waiting in line to go into Lake Powell.... 

And make our way to Panguitch, Utah where we stop for lunch at this hole in the wall where we have an excellent burger!

More wind on the way home, but it was a good ride, we bust out 387 miles for the final day of a 1,950 mile ride and make it home late afternoon plugged tire and all.

As my Mom used to say, "Travel east, travel west, after all.....Home is best!"
(and Home IS best when you are blessed with an amazing wife like mine!)
Life is good!

Friday, June 5, 2020

Wish you were here..

I have a 10 day window to try and bag 3 of the SCMA15 Best roads.

I leave and 5 miles into my ride I see this guy on the side of the road, he is out of gas and I happen to have a gallon on the back of my bike! Problem solved, he and I are soon on our separate ways.

I soon mosey into New Mexico where I see two GIANT Ranchers gettin sideways across the four lane highway.... I'm sure there is an interesting story here, but I could not find any answers.

Then into Roswell for the night.

The courthouse in Roswell

Odessa Texas....I think
I stop to see the Stonehenge replica in Odessa.

On my way to Camp Wood, Texas to ride the Twisted Sisters I pass a bunch of goats, even at 70 mph I could tell something was wrong with this one....a quick U-turn and a few seconds later I had this guy free to wander again.

Next morning I start on the Twisted Sisters...

After 160 miles of Twisted Sisters.... I head off to Mississippi to ride the Natchez Trace, but first I have to cross the Mighty Mississippi River!

I get an early start on the Natchez, I think I was required to ride about 90 miles, but I ended up enjoying 187 miles.

The Trace checked off I point to Arkansas to ride the Pig Trail, on the way I see this unusual sight...a fixed wing and rotary wing flying side by side....

I get on the Pig Trail and was having a super time when.....

....I passed this guy; he waved and I just wasn't quite sure if he was being friendly or if he needed assistance. I knew I'd feel guilty if I didn't make certain he was ok,  so I turned around and when I got back and asked if he needed help he said 'no he was just being neighborly'.  Don lives right on the Pig Trail and is a super guy.  We had a nice long chat and by the time I left I had made a new friend! I'm so glad I turned around.
(unfortunately, the paper I wrote his contact info on and numerous receipts disappeared from my tank bag - I think they must have blown out at some point on the trip and I didn't notice until I was nearly home)

So now all 3 rides are 'bagged' its time to head for the barn

Minneola, Kansas

Montrose, Colorado

I go through Canon City, Colorado so I just have to ride the Skyline Drive

on the Skyline drive

And true to form once my nose gets pointed toward home I get in a hurry; the last day I leave La Junta, Colorado and ride straight home, 670 miles.
When I get home there is an amazing fruit drink and some steak and eggs waiting for me!!
(and she wonders why I rode that many miles in one day....)

So that's it! 3 more "15 Best" checked off - 4332 miles in 9 days Good times!
States visited on this ride, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Kansas.