Monday, December 27, 2021

So Cal

 I'm Finally going on a ride! 

My bike has been sitting for 2 1/2 months, the longest time one of my bikes has sat unridden...unless I was deployed that is. This 'sabbatical' was entirely self inflicted.

But then we had this ride planned for the week before Christmas and the time has at at long last arrived.

So Sunday (with plenty of snow on the ground) Will and I loaded our bikes on the trailer and headed south.

We will stay in Indio, California. With us is Beverly and Will's youngest daughter Addi.

For our first ride we buzz over to Salvation Mt. Sad to say two things, 1 - my cell camera was on a wrong setting...and I didn't notice it until later. 2 - The Salvation Mt attraction has changed, and not for the better IMHO...  Maybe the next time I go I'll see it differently but there was more commercialization there than the last time I visited. 

Leaving Salvation Mt we rode around the south end of the Salton Sea and....
Came upon this numerous sculptures outside

Bev and Addi

Bev, Will, and Addi

Will and Bev at our lodging

Amboy, Ca

One of two lions....alone and miles away from anything else.

Will and I also took a ride through Joshua Tree NP.

Plenty of cacti!

It was great fun to travel with these two!

And all to soon our time is up. We load the bikes on the trailer again and make the ten hour drive home - the next morning we have our annual Christmas Eve day breakfast at our house. 20 family members were able to come and enjoy some food and good times together.

Life is good, families are good, motorcycles are also good!