Friday, August 27, 2021

15 Best Roads in America 2021 part 1

 Ok, lets try this again.....I signed up last year (2020) to do the SCMA (Southern California Motorcycle Association) 15 best roads in America, but the china virus got in the way. The SCMA did what they had to do last year, and that was to close the rides down, which by the time they did I had already completed 6 roads, however..... that's ok. I get to ride them again this year!

I can only hope that we don't get cancelled again. I have long wanted to do the SCMA 4 Corners of the US ride, and in the last few years I've expanded that goal to getting the Triple Crown, achievable by riding the 15 Best, the 3 Flags Classic, and of course the 4 Corners.

But first things first, here are the first roads of the 15 in order of completion;

(as per SCMA requirements, each entry includes a gas receipt from each end of the road and at least one picture of a recognizable feature, along with Yours Truly, and the bike on the road) I also posted some of the scenic pictures that are just fluff.

# 5 - "Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric Hwy" (Ut 128) Moab to Cisco, Ut.

Cisco, Ut

The bridge next to the burned out Dewey bridge.

About the middle.

# 11 - "Monument Valley" (US 163) Kayenta, Az to Bluff, Ut.

Mexican Hat

# 15 - "Geronimo Trail" New Mexico

# 4 - "Twisted Sisters" Texas Hill country

One of the detour signs...the "detour" was one of the best parts!

# 16 - "Natchez Trace Parkway" Mississippi

# 9 - "Pig Trail" Arkansas

#12 San Juan Skyway Cortez to Placerville, Colorado
(finally! I rescheduled this one a couple times due to storms, lucky for us on this day the weather was perfect)

#10 Pacific Coast Highway California CA1 between Monterey and Morro Bay
(I did both the original {which is doubled on the Cal 15 best} and the alternate Quincy to Oroville, I'll include both here)


(San Luis Obispo)


See part 2 for the next roads.

15 Best Roads in America 2021 part 2

 I took a short break from the 15 US best to do a couple other rides. But now I have my nose back to the grindstone....  Haha!!

And....back at it!

#13 Payette River Run Idaho Id55 Horseshoe Bend to Cascade

#6 Northern Cascades Scenic Byway Wa 20 Omak to Concrete Wa.

I've had another break and now I'm going to ride numbers 14, and 8 on the way to the Super Tenere Gathering in the Black Hills, South Dakota.

And to the Black Hills I did go where I 'bagged' numbers 14 and 8

#14 Big Horn Loop - Buffalo to Ranchester Wyoming

#8 Iron Mt Road, Black Hills - Custer to Keystone, South Dakota

Then I went home for a couple weeks, then its back on the road to finish the 15 US best and bag the 4 corners of the US.

#7 - Triple Nickle (555) Ohio - Zanesville to Little Hocking

Bob and Tom - that was a super day on an awesome road!

#1 - Acadia National Park, Maine - Park Loop

#2 - Blue Ridge Parkway - Virginia/North Carolina

The parkway were closed at Vinton Virginia. I was able to ride a little over a hundred and twenty miles.
I didn't get a very good picture of the barricades but you can see some of them here in this picture

And that's it, 15 U.S. best roads!