Friday, August 27, 2021

15 Best Roads in America 2021 part 2

 I took a short break from the 15 US best to do a couple other rides. But now I have my nose back to the grindstone....  Haha!!

And....back at it!

#13 Payette River Run Idaho Id55 Horseshoe Bend to Cascade

#6 Northern Cascades Scenic Byway Wa 20 Omak to Concrete Wa.

I've had another break and now I'm going to ride numbers 14, and 8 on the way to the Super Tenere Gathering in the Black Hills, South Dakota.

And to the Black Hills I did go where I 'bagged' numbers 14 and 8

#14 Big Horn Loop - Buffalo to Ranchester Wyoming

#8 Iron Mt Road, Black Hills - Custer to Keystone, South Dakota

Then I went home for a couple weeks, then its back on the road to finish the 15 US best and bag the 4 corners of the US.

#7 - Triple Nickle (555) Ohio - Zanesville to Little Hocking

Bob and Tom - that was a super day on an awesome road!

#1 - Acadia National Park, Maine - Park Loop

#2 - Blue Ridge Parkway - Virginia/North Carolina

The parkway were closed at Vinton Virginia. I was able to ride a little over a hundred and twenty miles.
I didn't get a very good picture of the barricades but you can see some of them here in this picture

And that's it, 15 U.S. best roads!

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