Sunday, July 26, 2020

Southern Utah Cruise

Elvecia has a meetup page and had posted a planned ride to southern Utah and I signed up.
As a rule I very very seldom do a group ride, but for some reason this one jumped out at me. As it turned out only three bikes, four people were able to go so it wasn't quite a 'group'. has changed their format and I'm not really getting along with the new program yet, so most of these pictures are not in correct order....oh well. We had a great time!

Dana in front of the famous Sinclair building.

Dana at Cedar Breaks

And Elvecia at Cedar Breaks.

We make a gas and goody stop in Salina

Our hotel in Panguitch.

We saw 4 of these huge trucks going past our hotel.

We ride the Burr Trail - Elvecia

And Dana

There is a very nice, short hike on the Burr.

We then ride Utah's famous SR 12 and stop at the Kiva Koffeehouse for a treat.

3 of us got a peach, pear, and apricot! Delicious!

And Sunday morning we ride for home. 

But first, breakfast at the Capital Reef Cafe where we run into this guy, Eddy from Georgia. He and I have a super conversation about riding....He is doing an extensive tour of the lower 48 instead of his planned ride to Alaska - canceled due to the covid crap.

We stop at The Butch Cassidy hideout Cafe for a wonderful breakfast. When we come out, this couple had run out of gas...luckily I have my spare gas cans on the back of the bike and in a few minutes they were on their way.

Thanks to Elvecia, Dana and Beverly for sharing their pictures.

We had a very nice 3 day ride! Thanks Elvecia for setting this thing up!
690 miles for us and a great way to spend the weekend.

Friday, July 3, 2020

Cruising to the coast in a cage

Beverly, our daughter Kaybi along with her children Luke and Kimber and I decide to take a trip to the coast....actually we were going to Oro Valley, Arizona but a wildfire there changed our plans. Kaybi's hubby, Michael would have gone with us but he is busy serving his country in the sand box. the coast we went.

Our coast lodging called us when we were about halfway to Pendleton and informed us that they had water problems and we could not be admitted until Tuesday (one day behind schedule) no biggie, we stayed an extra day in Pendleton and had a good time.

We walked across town to do some site-seeing...

While in Pendleton, we took the "Underground tour" there and learned a lot about the early days in this interesting town.
We walked through an underground bar, meat shop, jail, ice cream shop, opium den, speakeasy and more. 
Then the tour went into the towns most famous bordello. We also walked through that fine establishment.  
The Madam there, Stella Darby (1928 - 1967).......
........who was quite a philanthropist and not only took good care of her employees, but did many fine deeds for the poorer folk in the town. For example, during an economic hard time, she bought meat and using her car transported it to town and gave it to those who could not afford such luxury every Friday for three years, never missing a single Friday.

After the tour Luke and I enjoyed a gelato shake...

Then we finally made it to the coast.

 Kimber thought the swans looked fun so we went into the water...I chose a kayak.

A few minutes before we rent our boats, this family hurries back to the dock with a sinking peddle boat....they made it before sinking - Barely!
Lucky for us we had no such problems.

On Saturday we started for home, but we still have some site-seeing to do - we had planned on the way home to stop at the Evergreen Aerospace Museum 2 hours away from our condo, and we arrived just at opening time.

Luke and Kimber take the simulator for a ride...

Then Poppy decides he needs a turn....

Take off....

Start of barrel roll...

Middle of barrel roll....

And, well..... after the barrel rolls, I tried a loop - but I was too low and going to fast so I crashed.
Luckily Luke and I walked away from us hitting the ground at over 1200 mph!  :) Whew!!

Another highlight at this museum is Howard Hughes'  Spruce Goose!
We all oohed and ahhhhed over the Spruce Goose for a good long while.
Luke and Kimber in a F-111 cockpit.

And Luke checking out a Vietnam war era chopper.

After the Evergreen Aerospace Museum we continued on to Bend, Oregon to overnight.
The next day was a loooong day in the car. But we finally made it home happy, TIRED and feeling blessed to have such a fun week in this beautiful U.S.A.