Saturday, August 21, 2010

Aug 21 - Burger run

Time for another Hoover's burger run. Cavehamster, Roboshaw, and I take the scenic route to Elberta, then take the bikers shortcut thru Goshen, Nephi and onto hwy 28
"Amber waves of grain.."
At Hoover's...DesertDweller's wife like scones, so he sends her a pic when he eats one...
The group, three from Vegas; Vegashotwheeler, DesertDweller, RobStar. Three from Utah; Cavehamster, Robishaw, and Tombstone.
We had to take a look at the Hoover's cabins. We are planning a weekend rally at Hoover's Sept 24 - 26 Wanna come along?

A totally candid shot of Tombstone...
The view from the deck of one of the cabins.

We're fed, fat, and we get to go on another ride! Bonus!
The Manti Temple.

And home. It's almost exactly 400 miles round trip from my house for a burger run. The ride and friends makes it well worth while!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Immigration cyn, Wolf Creek Pass

I have to run up to the U of U for a minute on Friday morning, so I decide to take my camera in case I take a "wrong" turn on my way home and end up on a good ride.

The SLC valley, looking from the U campus
Oops..I take a wrong turn and go up Immigration canyon

At the top, looking at Mountain Dell Resevoir.
Dang it all, I take another wrong turn and end up on highway 40 overlooking Jordanelle reservior.
Well, while I'm up here I might as well go over Wolf Creek Pass. I see these two sandhill cranes.

Time for a rest. It doesn't look like it but I'm off the road safely at a pull-off spot.

Over the pass and on my way to Hanna for lunch.

Lunch stop. Good food, good price, good service.
Outside the cafe door are two hummingbird feeders.

Back on the road for home...I hope I don't miss anymore turns!
At Francis, I take some backroads.

Then on to highway 32 toward Heber.
And that's about it, I get on highway 40 to I-80 and home. Not a bad ride at all!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My2Wheels BBQ March 2009

Since most of the members on the My 2 Wheels motorcycle forum are in the Las Vegas area, they decided to have a BBQ in Vegas. Four Strom riders in the SLC area wanted to crash their party. Drake, Emil, A-Grinder, and I are going to meet in Vegas and enjoy the BBQ with the Vegas-ites!

Drake and I meet at his house to ride down together. We'll meet up with A-Grinder in St. George for dinner, then continue on to Vegas. Emil will meet us there.The next morning our host, Vegashotwheeler, meets us for breakfast - then a ride through the Valley of Fire State Park. After breakfast we meet some more riders at a local gas station.
We're off to the Valley of Fire.
The entrance station.
On our way! Some beautiful rock formations.
The Visitors center, I sent this pic to my daughter who is in hot and humid Alabama! More great roads and scenery.

Rest stop.

Group pic.

Another rest stop at a place with rock carvings.

Looking down from the carvings to the rest of the group.
Natural arch.

At the BBQ. Lots of new faces to us out-of-towners!
Vegashotwheeler's trike...actually his wife's.
Group pic.
Next morning, the four Utahns get ready to head home.

A-Grinders farkles...

Desert stop, Emil.
Photo op!
Looking the other direction, Caliente Nevada.
"Rest" stop.
Curvy roads, ever changing scenery.....
And home. Nice trip, I'd like to make it to another M2W BBQ, maybe next year.