Friday, August 20, 2010

Immigration cyn, Wolf Creek Pass

I have to run up to the U of U for a minute on Friday morning, so I decide to take my camera in case I take a "wrong" turn on my way home and end up on a good ride.

The SLC valley, looking from the U campus
Oops..I take a wrong turn and go up Immigration canyon

At the top, looking at Mountain Dell Resevoir.
Dang it all, I take another wrong turn and end up on highway 40 overlooking Jordanelle reservior.
Well, while I'm up here I might as well go over Wolf Creek Pass. I see these two sandhill cranes.

Time for a rest. It doesn't look like it but I'm off the road safely at a pull-off spot.

Over the pass and on my way to Hanna for lunch.

Lunch stop. Good food, good price, good service.
Outside the cafe door are two hummingbird feeders.

Back on the road for home...I hope I don't miss anymore turns!
At Francis, I take some backroads.

Then on to highway 32 toward Heber.
And that's about it, I get on highway 40 to I-80 and home. Not a bad ride at all!

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Richard said...

Very impressed with your Blog. Enjoy the photos and descrptions.
Richard (Roadstar-Rich) Pashnit