Saturday, April 11, 2020

Perusing through my pictures.....

I've been riding but not anywhere overnight, plus its been chilly rides, so the camera has been buried under a couple layers of clothing. So to combat boredom I wandered through some pictures I've taken in the past and stuck them here.

2003 first fathers and sons ride

2005 my brother and I ride Bear Tooth pass in November.....(brrr)

Same ride, a bit warmer in Utah

Family trip to California coast, Fenton and I ride and meet the family there
 Same ride, bikes resting

2008 I ride from Utah to Alabama to visit with my daughter and son-in-law for Christmas....but....had to trailer to Mesquite, Nevada to find snowless roads.

Same ride somewhere in Arizona

2009 first Awesome Couples Ride

Yep you guessed it, same ride at Lolo Pass

Couples ride 2010

Same ride in Zions NP


Ride to Baja, Mexico

Same ride at Coco's corner

I need a long ride.....*sigh*