Monday, August 25, 2014

Silverton, Colorado

There is a V-Strom rally in Silverton, Colorado.
Time for a ride.
Ken, aka Von kenstrom wants to go also. We meet on highway 6 just past the Thistle mud slide.
Ken's daughter Jill has joined us. Good thing she got her looks from her cute Mom eh?

This is the Bedrock store, located in Paradox Valley, Colorado. Legend has it that Butch Cassidy ran this place for awhile
It was closed when we were there, but there is a For Sale sign in the window..... Old store anyone??
Jill and her Dad.

We have a great ride on the Million Dollar Highway and all to soon arrive at the rally site in Silverton and pitch our tents.
As we enter the town I immediately spot what looks like a statue of Christ on the hill above town. At dinner and then the next day I ask four or five different locals how to get to the "statue up on the hill"? 'The what?' was the common answer. One gal even walked out to the street and looked up the hill to see what I was talking about. Hmmm.....
I was finally able get some vague directions and I ride up there first thing Saturday morning.
This is the Christ of the Mines statue. Many miracles are attributed to this statue. You can read more here:
The statue is 16 feet tall and weighs 26 tons.

For me, just going, and being there was a humbling, and worthwhile experience.
Looking back at Silverton from the statue.
There is a box at the statue where people can write...whatever they choose to write. Then they can leave it in the box.
I probably violated some unwritten law of politeness, but as I opened the top of the box a certain writing caught my eye. I read it then put it back but could not get it off my mind as I continued to enjoy the peaceful setting of the Shrine.
Finally I went back to the box, retrieved the writing and made an addition to the bottom.
After that I felt like my visit was over.
So, I got on Gen and busted it home. Von kenstrom and Jill extended their trip another day and went the other direction.
It was a great trip, its always a good time when Von kenstrom is around.