Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Oregon to 100 Mile house, BC

Good bye Seaside!

On our way...

Hello Sauvie island!
Strom/Cache buddy Blake lives on Sauvie. He invited Beverly and I to stay at his house for the night.

We get the royal treatment and are given an Eggg-Salant BBQ by Blake! He and Jennifer (and Lilly!) are wonderful hosts. I wished we had had more time to see their beautiful island.

The next morning Beverly is off to the airport, and Blake and I are off for the highway 101 junction at Olympia.
This beemer guy and his 'friend' pulled in as we were getting ready to split up, they were fun to talk to and we ended up chatting for quite a while.

On my solo way to the ferry at Port Townsend.
I stopped at this rest stop and actually stayed here for almost 45 minutes... I'm such a rebel! But, it was time well spent, I chatted with a very pleasant lady artist who was painting a landscape - good luck with the slough!

At the ferry.

The Navy guy in the black truck give me a ton of inside dope on the local roads.

He told me about this bridge...

...and this road.

Lots of beautiful curves on Chuckanut road.....

Time to find lodging for the night.

I end up staying here, the last motel on the US side in Sumas, Washington about 1/4 mile from the border. I can't recommend this place for either the food or the room. It was 'good', but for what they charged it should be 'great'.

Next morning - the border crossing.

Again with the allergies. I think my sniffing, runny eyes, and saying 'huh' at every question made me look suspicious.

They took me inside for more questions, and searched my bike.

It's all good and I'm soon on my way on the Trans-Canada highway. I stop for gas and buy an apple pie from Cheryl - a pie making, sidewalk-vending local.

Lots of wildlife in BC

No kidding, it's a REALLY big slide!

I make it to 100 Mile House and find my lodging...
......checked into my room and found this - nice.

British Columbia has heavenly motorcycle roads, maybe I should start living better so I can go here when I die eh?


Unknown said...


Welcome to British Columbia. I recognize those roads.

The best technical road in the Bellingham area is


you should have stayed in Hope, BC instead of Sumas. May have been cheaper.

When you came off the ferry at Keystone, you should have continued straight ahead to Coupeville instead of turning left on the highway. I know you can't see everything but it was only about a mile to a Historic Waterfront town.

I am wanting to show you all the sights but I am not free until the weekends

Riding the Wet Coast

Trobairitz said...

You sure are getting around. I am so glad you have found some great roads to ride. BC sure has some beautiful scenery.

Getting searched at the border is always such a pleasure. They call it a "secondary" when they make you pull over and stop to be searched. Aren't you lucky?

Unknown said...


You must have said something that the Border Guards didn't like, or hesitated, or gave too much information. Best to talk in a deep voice and only answer questions the shortest way possible.

Riding the Wet Coast

Ken said...

Bob - I'm sure it was my struggles with allergies...my eyes were quite teary, and I was sniffling. Plus she had to ask twice for me to take off my helmet, my hearing is bad on a good day but my ears were affected by the allergies as well. Oh well...it just adds to the story.

Trobairitz - I'm hoping my 'secondary' if a one and only. :)

Unknown said...

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