Thursday, June 27, 2013

Getting to the Oregon Coast.

Beverly and I decide to take a trip to the West Coast, she will fly, I will ride.

I go via Boise, Idaho. I'm on the freeway from SLC, Utah to Baker Oregon.
Not long after Boise, I stop at Huntington, Oregon where I see Pull mater the cousin of Tow mater. Huntington seems to be a nice little town. It was late and I was just about out of gas but the only gas station in town re-opened just to give me 5 gallons. 
Thanks guys!
 The town is trying to fix up this stern-wheeler to run it up and down the Snake river.
If you like to fish for catfish, Huntington has a catfish derby every year on Memorial day.
 Tank full of gas and I'm on the road again.

I stay overnight in Baker, Oregon at the Knights Inn a great place; inexpensive, clean as a whistle, and biker friendly.

The next morning I'm off for Junction City through some Oregon back roads.
 Paulina, Oregon.
 Post, Oregon where I get a tasty meat loaf sandwich.

 I finally make it to Junction City where good friends Tea and Nina live close by. I stay overnight at their place. T&N spoil me with great food and wonderful conversation as we talk late into the night - it's time well spent!

The next morning the three of us are off to Seaside, Oregon to meet Beverly where we are staying for the week.

Gas and 'comfort' stop in Depoe Bay.
 We make it to Seaside, and go for a walk on the beach. Tea finds some jelly fish; he says it's not poisonous and...

takes a bite to show us...
 We carefully observed Tea for the next 10 or 12 seconds to make sure he didn't die....then went on with our walk.

I LOVE the coast!

Monday morning T&N depart for home.
Beverly and I wonder what we will do for the next week..


Unknown said...


Looks like you've got great weather. The Coast can be iffy.

I'm not so sure about those Jelly Fish. I would rather not touch one

enjoy your vacation

Riding the Wet Coast

Trobairitz said...

Welcome to Oregon

Hope the weather is holding out for you - raining in the valley today. Troubadour and I are in Corvallis, just a few hours southeast from Seaside - an hour east of Newport and a 1/2 North of Junction City.

If you come back through this way let me know. If you click on my profile on my blog it has an email me link. And I'll try and remember to check it.

Ken said...

Bob - I'm with you, but Tea seems to know what he is least he hasn't led me wrong yet. But I can tell you it wouldn't be me eating anything off the beach!

Trobairitz - Thank you! I love your beautiful state for numerous reasons!

My return route is in limbo - issues at home - but if I do come this way I'll give a holler.

Thanks for reading!