Monday, May 23, 2022

Riding east for a change

As mentioned before I'm doing the SCMA California Triple Crown.

Additionally I also signed  up for the 15 Best roads in the US.

I got started on those this week. I'll be snagging three roads; UT 128, Colo 145, and New Mexico's enchanted circle that goes around Taos.

The place to begin these roads is in Moab, Utah.

This is the Beautiful Sr 128 from Cisco to Moab.

Next I rode to Norwood Colorado, where I spent the night in the Norwood Hotel (highly recommended) then got up to ride the Dolores Canyon Road from Placerville to Cortez Colorado.

Next road is the Enchanted Circle. The Enchanted Circle goes around Taos New Mexico.

Here's a sign for the Enchanted Circle road....unfortuantly it's not enchanted enough to keep from getting shot at.
When I stopped at this post office to get the required picture these gentleman stopped and talked to me for a while so I included them in the picture. Both very nice gentleman..the second man is hidden behind my windscreen.
There is a very nice Vietnam Veterans Memorial along the Route however rain was threatening so I only stopped for a moment for these few pictures.

And that's it for this trip. 
I was able to mark off three roads which is a good start on the 15 US best. 
Thanks for reading!

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