Sunday, September 19, 2010

Breakfast at Tombstone's

What do you do for breakfast when your wife is out of town for the weekend, and you don't have any food delivery places on speed dial? Besides, who wants oriental for breakfast?

I didn't panic, but carefully considered my options. Then I called Kaybi, "Sure" she said, "I'll fix you a PB&J" but the catch was I would have to DRIVE OVER THERE to get it!

Only one option left, fix my own breakfast!

No problem, I gather the ingredients,
First task of course is toast the bread, while it is toasting, I slice the banana. Then I spread butter, honey, and peanut butter the toast. It's important to put the honey on before the PB.
Two eggs cooking. My blood pressure is getting dangerously low, so I add a liberal amount of salt.
While they cook, I add mayo and mustard to the mix.
Looking good huh? But we're not finished yet!
I add a healthy dose of Beverly's home made salsa! Yummy!
Life is GOOD!

I hope Beverly gets home soon, the dishes are starting to stack up!