Sunday, September 19, 2010

Daddy - Daughter ride

I took this pic near the end of our ride, but I thought I would start this post off with it. Forever may she wave!

Thanks to Kaybi for taking most of the pictures, and for going on this ride!

We meet at my house, Stan brought 3 of his daughters, Christy, Becky, and Tracy. Christy and Becky will trade off on their bike.

Getting ready to go, we will ride to Stockton, where we will take West Silver Ave, west to the Old Mormon Trail, then go south into Rush Valley. In Rush Valley we'll go right on the Old Mormon Trail which is also named hwy 199. Christy

Stan on the bike he built, Becky's turn to ride.


Kaybi and her weird eyes....

"Highway 199", "The Old Mormon Trail", and "The Linclon Highway" are all three are the same road during this stretch. Fisher pass, aka Johnson's pass was renamed after Carl Fisher donated $25,000 to help fund this stretch of road. This was back in the early 1900s, the total estimated cost of building the road was $600,000 even using convict labor. However between donaters; Mr. Fisher, Mr Frank Seiberling ($25,000) and Goodyear Tire ($75,000) they were only able to come up with $125,000 and so were not able to complete the entire planned road. Apparently "Stimulus Money" had not been invented yet..

Half way point, Terra, Utah.

I forgot to take pics for a while, but here are three I have from a previous ride.

We stop at the Clover Creek General Store for lunch, the store/ restuarant is on hwy 199 in Rush Valley.

Lots of cool decorations in the store. I would add "Daughters" to this plate!

After some good sandwiches we are ready for the final leg of this ride.

Kaybi getting ready.

 more stop for gas. The sturdy little Rebel only has a 2 gal tank.

Stan's bike again.

Tracy's Virago

And home. What a great way to spend a Saturday!


Kaybi said...

It was such a fun ride. Thanks Dad!

bluekat said...

That is so awesome, Daddy and Daughters ride! I love it!

Our son started riding this year. He and his Dad have gone out several times this summer and I've gone along on one trip with them. Our daughter doesn't ride, but when she visits she'll ride behind her dad if we have time to go for a spin.

Great post!

MeanStreak said...

That's awesome! I don't have daughters to share the ride with but I ride with mysons every chance I get, absolutely priceless!

MeanStreak said...
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