Saturday, February 5, 2011


Today is a balmy 38 degrees, no sense wasting warm weather...time for a ride! I had planned to ride to Nephi, Utah and have lunch at Lisa's Cafe (great chicken fried steak!) but half way there I change my mind and opt instead to take the loop through Eureka, Tooele and back to West Valley City.

Tiny Elberta, this is where I have to decide, turn left and go to Nephi, or right and go to Eureka. I go right.

Eureka, where I stop for a hot chocolate. While sipping the tasty hot cocoa I walk around town and take some photos of a few of the old buildings there. Today Eureka has around 800 residents down from a high in 1920 when the population was 3908. Frank Zamboni jr inventer of the "Zamboni ice machine" was born there in 1901.

I think this is an old power plant building..looked like a lot of electrical do-dads around the building.

Main street, lots of abandoned buildings, when the mining left, so did most of the economy.

I couldn't help but think, "don't let the screen door hit your butt on the way out".....

Sun roof. The cabin on the right was moved to this location, it was Porter Rockwell's old cabin. Portor (June 28 1813 - June 9 1878) was known as the "Destroying Angel of Mormondom." He also served as personal bodyguard to Joseph Smith jr, and Brigham Young.

I've been here several times, but have never seen the museum open...

Leaving Eureka and riding west.

I think I'll do a little exploring, but then I find out my darkside tires are not conducive to rutted dirt road riding. After about 300 yards my arms are tired.... I turn Elsa the 750 lb Kaw around and gingerly mosey back to the paved road.

The temps were not that bad...comparatively anyway, a 2oo mile day of good riding!

And back home in time to play with a grandson.

Life IS good!


Raftnn said...

Glad you got out, looks like a very intersting ride, still to cold for me though, I think you are a brave man.

SonjaM said...

Life IS good, exactly my saying. Good, you go out there in 'balmy' temps. The abandoned buildings look a bit like a movie set waiting to be revived.

Trobairitz said...

Great photographs! I have always loved architecture pictures.

Glad you got out for a ride. Those temps in the 30's can be mighty chilly, I know. Hooray for heated grips.

Thank you for sharing.

bluekat said...

What a great ride. It's sad to see the abandoned town, but how interesting to explore there, and what great photo ops. The cold snow adds to the lonely feel to the place.

Ken said...

Thanks you guys, and yes, the abandoned buildings are just screaming(..snicker)for a chiller thriller movie to be made there.

The town was the coldest part of a very enjoyable ride.

BeemerGirl said...

A lot of electrical do-dads and one blown out corner mark that one building.

It is such a shame to see such well built buildings being left to ruination. I always love investigating these and see what people might have left from some long ago time.

I wonder how those 800 residents make a living?

Looked like a good day with a sweet end.


Ken said...

Lori - There is still some active mining, but apart from that I don't know what they would do.

The blown out bldg is for sale, it would make a nice house/garage, as long as you don't mind a few drafts here and there.... :)

chessie said...

Excellent ride review. I especially enjoy this type of blog. Photos are good, the writing is colorful and the area of your ride is terrific! Lovin' the work your doing...see ya on the road!

Ken said...

Chessie..thanks! I hope to ride in your neighborhood again someday.